, A Major Problem that Business Women Usually Encounter

A Major Problem that Business Women Usually Encounter

A Major Problem that Business Women Usually Encounter

A Major Problem that Business Women Usually Encounter

Women in the Business World.


Nowadays women became more competitive and are exploring different career paths and they excel wonderfully. One of those paths is starting their own business. However, a major problem for business woman encounters is how to manage or balance all her various responsibilities. 

Balancing business and personal responsibilities can be a big challenge to a business woman to excel in both sides. In order to succeed, she constantly needs to make choices. Because women feel guilty very easily this is not easy to do. Actually, she cannot make the right decision because she always loses at the other area of ​​her life.

Balancing Responsibilities

A business woman is not only a career woman – she is also a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a friend. Responsibilities in between career and personal life can be a success in both ways. Running a business and taking care of a family needs both a lot or time and effort. Without proper support and understanding, it can lead to feeling overwhelmed, guilty and frustration. So she may be successful in her business career than she feels she lacks in her family commitments or it can be the other way around.

What is the Ultimate Solution?

It may seem impossible but there is a way to have the best of both worlds. A business woman can also be successful in her family life. In order to make this happen, some of the ultimate solutions are:

  • Be Organized – time management is the key! It is important to be organized. The best way to balance time for career and family is to have a precise and scheduled plan. Writing down all the meetings, due dates, family gatherings, school activities, vacations and others will make you have the power to prioritize and organize the time spent in your business and with your family. This way, there will be no forgotten appointments, disappointments, and cramming.
  • Prioritize – being able to manage your time is one thing, but to being able to know your priorities will make life easier. This is useful to situations like choosing between attending your child’s recital and a business meeting. Understanding the importance of each priority can make decision making much faster. For example, if possible, moving the time and place of the meeting to be able accommodate the recital, then you have the best of both worlds

Here is more

  • Goal – know your goal. It is best to have a goal in every aspect of our life. Goals can be a reminder of why you are doing this and where you are heading. It gives focus and focus makes it a lot easier to prioritize again.
  • Mindset- If you believe you cannot have others taking care of your child (ren) you make it very difficult for yourself. What believes are hindering you and therefor create your guilty feelings?
  • And off course there are many more tips for you to make doing business so much easier.

Being a business woman should be fun. You should feel thrilled, energized fulfilled and a lot more. But in reality, sometimes it can be though.

But with the right principles in life and the support of your loved ones it will be a great experience.

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Tineke Rensen is in business for 29 years. She built an international Outdoor and Survival business from scratch and sold this after 22 years.

Tineke was a national whitewater kayaking champion.


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Tineke works with female business owners to grow to their full business potential. She uses her own system the “Blueprint for a Successful Business Makeover”. She is a women’s business coach.


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