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Do you want to grow your business and work less in 60 days?

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How To Outsource With Confidence And Ease (2)

Scale & Grow And Work Less In 60 Days

Have someone to outsource to, before the summer holiday starts

Do you have the ambition to grow a bigger business? Yes? Do continue to read.
The smartest way to grow your business is to start outsourcing.
Or delegating your tasks to others.

When this is the case for you:

  • you have never delegated before to people;
  • you don’t know who to hire;
  • you are afraid to lose control of the business and therefore you believe that mistakes will happen;
  • you don’t know how to outsource;
  • you are overwhelmed with too much work;
  • you are ambitious and want to grow your business but can’t see how yet.
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Then this training is the perfect program for you.

What you will get from this program is:

  • you will have more time to do what you love and what you are good at;
  • you have more happy clients;
  • you will make more money, which you can export into your private bank account;
  • you know which tasks you need help with, and who can do this for you;
  • you will have a delegation system, so that very few mistakes will be made.
  • after a while you will get so confident that you see more and more tasks to outsource to and it will be more and more fulfilling to see your business growing.

Do you want to get out of overwhelm, feel confident in outsourcing and in the meantime grow your business?

Join our Online Program “How To Outsource With Confidence & Ease”

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Your investment is 5000,- euro incl. VAT

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We will have 3 training webinar sessions, which will last 90 minutes each.
And one kick-off session of 60 minutes.
Every training webinar is recorded so you don’t need to miss one.
During the training webinar you will work live on creating your delegation process and systems.

The time inbetween the webinars you will be working ojn home work such as
creating a profile, finding your first assistant and more.

Dates are:
2nd of June 2020          Kickoff 60 minutes
16th of June 2020         Lesson, 90 minutes
30th of June 2020         Lesson, 90 minutes
14th of July 2020           Lesson, 90 minutes

The startingtime each time is at 12 pm CEST (Amsterdam)

Inbetween the live webinars, you will work on your business so you have someone to outsource to before the summer holiday starts.

What we will cover:

  • Find out which tasks you want to outsource;
  • The magical formula to find the right person;
  • How to create systems to delegate;
  • Employ or hire an interim;
  • Various Insurances;
  • Contracts;
  • What to pay them and how to pay them;
  • How to support them best;
  • Which mindset you need to have to make this to a success.
  • What tools you need to use when you monitor someone who is working for you.

When you decide to quit after the kick-off you will get a full refund.
So there is NO RISK for you whatsover to sign-up now and start delegating within 2 months from now.

Are you ready to sign up?

Your investment is 997,- euro incl. VAT

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