vo, Outsourcing for Businesswomen, The Do’s and Don’ts

Outsourcing for Businesswomen, The Do’s and Don’ts

Outsourcing for Businesswomen, The Do’s and Don’ts

Outsourcing for Businesswomen, The Do’s and Don’ts

Overall, businesswomen find it difficult to start outsourcing.

They hesitate and postpone because they:

  1. think they can do a better job themselves
  2. think it is cheaper when they do it themselves
  3. are afraid that something will go wrong with their clients
  4. are afraid of losing control
  5. believe it will cost them too much time
  6. don’t know who to outsource to
  7. when do you outsource a task
  8. do not create systems which makes outsourcing easier

So, in a businesswoman’s mind, there are a lot of reasons to keep doing everything by themselves.

Outsourcing is a fantastic way to grow your business

What most businesswomen want is to grow their business. And guess what? Outsourcing is a great way to start managing your growth. You cannot grow fast or big when you keep doing everything yourself. I always call this, the Me-Myself-and-I businesses. Unless it is a deliberate choice to stay small with the business these Me-Myself-and-I businesswomen are often

  • frustrated
  • overwhelmed with difficulties and the number of tasks they need to do
  • tight on budget
  • juggling with time
  • blaming themselves because they do not have the results, they desire

Their business is not bringing them what they dreamed of.

It is a phase in your business where you should spend as little time as possible. And outsourcing is one of the possibilities to scale up your business. And you can keep scaling up like this no matter how big you want to grow your business.

So when you are ambitious and growth is not working for you the way you planned it read the tips in this article.

1. They think they can do a better job themselves

businesswomenThis is often not true unless it is the area where they have been a specialist in for many years. Running your business needs a tremendous amount of specialists. No businesswomen can be good at all of this. I often hear when it comes to outsourcing social media that the other person does not communicate the way she wants. Well, guess what it takes a little time for the other person to start to get used to your way of communicating. And you can also ask this person to send you an overview of all the messages for the week and adjust and then approve them before posting.

Nobody is better than a specialist, so why do you want to become a specialist in all areas of doing business?


2. They think it is cheaper when they do it themselves

Many businesswomen do not outsource because they are trapped in the mindset that they believe it is cheaper to do it themselves.

This is often not true. It costs time to learn a new skill. This often goes with frustration about the difficulties of learning it and the disappointments about the results. And then they invest in training. And guess what, you will never have the results these specialists have. They promise you mountains but don’t forget they have been training themselves for years to tweak their approach and techniques to get the results they have. Are you willing to spend that much time as well? For just one specialism in business?

So all the time and money you spend to learn it yourself often does not bring you the results you want.

Had the task been outsourced from the beginning money would have been made already because the specialist knows how to do this.

3. Are afraid that something will go wrong with their client

Yes, that is definitely a possibility. But why freak out about it when it has not even happened yet. And when it does you just solve the issue and apologize. The world does not stop when that happens. Women are so much service-oriented that they want nothing to two wrong. That is wishful thinking.

The person you outsource too has to learn and when they learn you can count on mistakes to be happening. In my opinion that should not stop you from starting to outsource.

These businesswomen make mistakes themselves as well. It is a part of the game of learning and growing for businesswomen.

4. Are afraid of losing control

There is no need for that. There are various tools nowadays where you can delegate and check the progress. You can ask them to report back to you how often you want.

But bear in mind, when you do outsource to a professional often, they know a lot better than you, so why don’t you trust them a little more?

5. Believe it will cost them too much time

businesswomenYes, it will cost time to delegate. Especially in the beginning, you both have to get used to how to communicate. You have to show someone else to do a task that you can do in 10 minutes and it might take you 20 minutes to start to delegate it.

And it might take you another 10 minutes to check it and give feedback.

But you only do this once or twice. After that, it will save you time.

You need to be prepared to spend time to delegate tasks to someone and it could take you months before you really start to see the benefit. But when you want to scale top your business and do more of the things you are good at and make your money with, it is a period you have to go through.

6. Don’t know who to outsource to

Yes, you can pick the wrong person to outsource to. Someone who does not deliver the results you are looking for. Someone who might even con you. But is that the reason to keep your business small and keep doing everything yourself.

There are many platforms now always where you can find freelancers. If one does not deliver what you want, just move on to the next one. Ask on LinkedIn if you are looking for someone. Before you start working with them ask for references. Test them by having them do a little task first.

7. When do you outsource a task?

Check out this marvellous image which tells you when you need to outsource a task.



8. Do not create systems which makes outsourcing easier

When you outsource you have to create systems of your tasks. Everything you want to outsource has to be documented clearly, with screenshots or with a describing video, of where to click and what to add where.

So, every task has a beginning and an end and every sub-task within the big task need to be documented. Yes, that takes time. But it helps you to go through your work in a systematized way, which is very good. And once documented you can outsource it to everybody. If they are able to follow closely the steps you have documented, with links, screenshots, tutorial videos, etc. it is easy to outsource stuff.

When you think now, that is too much work for me, I rather do it myself. then you have missed the point of this blog. growing does not always come easy. And going from one place to another phase means you need to stretch yourself and you will need to learn new things. And one thing is to learn how to outsource and delegate. Once you have mastered this, it becomes fun.

And all the simple things you don’t have to anymore. How much time will you save with that?

All the things you don’t like to do you can outsource too. How much more fun will you have then?

Good luck with outsourcing.


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