Where do YOU promote yourself?

I know for a fact that every female entrepreneur needs promotion.
And you either love to do it because you have no issue promoting yourself
you don’t like it ‼️
You prefer it when you can operate in the shadows.
And guess what that is not how you find new clients.

Because you

We offer very AFFORDABLE PROMOTION packages when you work with female entrepreneurs as your niche. ☺️☺️

Why you need promotion?

Promoting yourself is important when:

Check out all the promotion opportunities we have to offer

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1. In our Powerful Business Women group, we have many days that you are allowed to promote yourself in the comments. We actually invite you to do this. And this is COMPLETELY FREE. Many women use this opportunity. When you are a free member of the group, you cannot post messages with any promotions or links. But you can ask questions and show your expertise by commenting on other messages.

Share Your Links in the comments👩

Member of our FB group

Share Your (Promotional) Posts in OUR Facebook

2. Become a VIP MEMBER in the Facebook Group Powerful BusinessWoman with nearly 1000 businesswomen from all over the world. You can post 1 promotional message every week. Regular members are not allowed to promote themselves in this group. They can only network, comment and ask questions. They can only post when approved by the admin and most of these messages don’t make it into the group because it’s full of promotion and no value.

Share Your Posts👩

1 FB message weekly

Learn From an Expert And Get Proven Strategies

3.I have tried many strategies of messaging on FB. And finally found a way that works very well. You will get examples of the messages that converted VERY WELL FOR ME.

Learn From an Expert💡

Get Feedback on one of your social media profiles

4. When you start promoting yourself, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your social media account is not a personal profile but a SALES PROFILE. There are certain things you need to do to make that happen. We will scan one of your profiles, give comments about it, give suggestions for improvement, and record them in a video. It is up to you to make the changes.

Profile Scan


Show Your Expertise During a Facebook Live💻

5.You can SHOW YOUR EXPERTISE and host lives in the Powerful BusinessWoman FB group. Share your expertise and be of service to the other businesswomen of the group. You are allowed to pitch, yet only in the end. It should not be a promotional talk but a value-adding talk.

Show Your Expertise

1 x FB Live weekly

Become Trending On LinkedIn❗

6. We host a secret what’s app group with many businesswomen from various places in the world. You can post a link of one LinkedIn message every week, in this group. All the members will comment and like your message. This will boost your LI message tremendously, and often a message will get TRENDING in this way. The connections of the group members will also spot your message.

Trending On LinkedIn 👏

Call you Ideal Client and showcase yourself

7. Give us the details of your ideal clients. (Only B2B). Which country, which city, which niche, how many staff members and position. We can target a list of 20 IDEAL CLIENTS monthly for you. And you can start to call them immediately. We will also include some cold calling scripts for you, so you can start making appointments.

Call you Ideal Client 📲

Be The Expert And Shine During a 30 Minute Interview With You 👩‍💼

8. Be interviewed by your host Tineke Rensen who has interviewed hundreds of business owners over the years. She knows very well how to MAKE YOU SHINE and make you come across as the expert. We will promote you all over our FB channels. You will get the link to where the interview is posted on our website channel. You will also get a beautifully designed promotion banner for your own promotions. You will get the MP4 and the MP3 of this interview so you can post it on your own channels. The videos have captions. (subtitles)

The Center-Spot

Get Interviewed

Become a Member Of Our Growing Monthly mastermind

9.When you start to promote your business, it will grow! How do you manage this growth? Join Powerful Business Academies monthly group mastermind with your business mentor Tineke Rensen. Every month one topic on how to run a business will be showcased. Tineke will teach you in-depth knowledge on this business topic. At the end of these 2 hours, where you will be working on your business, you can ask your personal business questions. And you will get tailored answers.
Tineke has 31 years of business experience. She has had over 400 businesses as her client.

Work on your business👍

Monthly Group Mastermind









What do you expect from this offer?

PROMOTION WORKS. You sometimes just don’t SEE the results of the promotion.
When someone does not respond it does not mean they did not see your message. It happens to me so often that people respond when I talk to them personally. It is then that I find out they are actually reading my messages.

You can become famous too🎉

When I was still visiting networking events it happened many times that complete strangers came up to me and told me they loved my content. I had no idea who they were. They even wanted to make selfies with me. You never know who sees your content. Most often it is people who do not like or comment to your messages.

Be in it for the long run

So, it takes time and when you are like me, you love fast and measurable results. If that is you, promoting yourself on social media is a challenge, because it often seems that it is not working.

Consistency and a long-term vision are key when you promote yourself on social media. So, give it at least 3 months’ when you buy any of our packages.

You can call, email or send a direct message for a response.

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