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Restore Cash Flow E-Book

Restore Your Cash Flow

60 Ways to Long and Lasting Results


The international Guide for Business-Owners

to increase their Cash Flow.

What do you do in business when the situation occurs that you need money fast, say within a month?

For most business owners this is a familiar situation. And because you are a business owner you don’t have time to get a paid job on the site.


Business owners have to find a quick solution

when there is a Cash Flow issue


So, if it is you that is in the situation right now and in desperate need for money? You will manage. ! Have faith, you will make this work.

Definitely, don’t listen to people who have no business. They have no clue and it will create more anxiety and desperation for you. Take action and choose one of the tips I provide for you to get your cash flow up and running fast.


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When you have a Cash Flow problem, there can be various reasons


  • When you have not been paying attention enough and all of a sudden, some potential clients do not become clients, your cash flow can dry up too much.
  • When a big invoice does not get paid in time.
  • When one of your big clients goes bankrupt.
  • When you have been too occupied with sales and marketing (gives good energy) and you forgot to send invoices for too long.
  • When you depend on a big client too much and they quit doing business with you.

Whatever the reason is why you need cash fast it does not have to be a problem.

It happened to me many times and for all the above reasons.


On the internet, most of the tips to improve your Cash Flow are

not suitable for business owners


When you go searching on the internet you will find so much advice that does not apply to a serious business-owner like you.

Advise such as,

  • Get a job on the side
  • Start an online business
  • Start a blog
  • Start making a business out of your hobby.

None of these things you want to do because lack of cash flow is just a temporary issue and most of the advice that is given on the internet when you need cash fast is not applicable to business owners.

Also, you will get tips on how to manage your money. Your business can go really well and still you might not be able to pay the bills. Cash Flow and Profit are 2 different things that both need your attention.


Many of the tips in the E-Book I have applied myself when I had to restore my Cash Flow


I have searched in my own mind what solutions I have used over the last 30 years of my business career and I came up with over 60 interesting tips.

Most of the tips I am about to share with you, I have used myself and they worked for me.


Get this downloadable E-Book for only € 9,97 incl. vat