vo, The top 10 platforms female entrepreneurs need to start outsourcing

The top 10 platforms female entrepreneurs need to start outsourcing

The top 10 platforms female entrepreneurs need to start outsourcing

The top 10 platforms female entrepreneurs need to start outsourcing

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Currently, about one-third of small businesses outsource work. Outsourcing to the right company can help you get work done quickly and cost-effectively and ultimately achieve maximum business growth for female entrepreneurs.

However, outsourcing will take an initial time investment to research how to do it right. You’ll need to learn how to communicate with your workers and go from being the do-er to the manager of the company. And, there are some tasks you just cannot outsource.

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Learn how to outsource for FREE

I’m a business coach for women and have learned from helping female entrepreneurs and my own experience how to set up outsourcing. To help you grow your business and work less, I’ve prepared a three-day challenge about outsourcing with confidence and ease. Sign up for this challenge and find out why women are hesitant to delegate and what you need to know before outsourcing.

Finding the right person to outsource with is not as easy as it seems. We’ll go over how to find the right person in the three-day challenge, but for now, here are ten platforms where you can find team members to outsource work to.

But firstly, female entrepreneurs need to dare to step up

More important though is that businesswomen need to dare let go of being in control. There is a big fear that

  • clients will walk away when they start to outsource
  • their way of communication is not met
  • they don’t know how to deal with a team
  • things will go wrong and they will get the burden of it

Here are 10 platforms female entrepreneurs can check out when they want to start hiring people

1. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is a great place to start to outsource team members. You pay based on milestones and as the team members complete a milestone, they move on to the next one.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance website where you pay team members for either hour worked or completed jobs.

3. Fiverr

On Fiverr, freelancers post gig offers of what they can do, and you can search for hundreds of specialized workers for any task. You pay per order on Fiverr, which usually start at $5.

4. Guru

With Guru, you pay freelancers for completed work. However, it’s focused on a US base of team members and you have to purchase a membership for about $30 to USD $100.

5. DesignHill

DesignHill works the opposite of Fiverr, but for design projects. Instead of searching for a seller’s gig, you post your project and designers will respond giving you several options to choose from.  

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk

With this platform, you can take one job and separate it into pieces for many people to work on. You decide how much you pay, but there is an additional fee for freelancers with premium qualifications.

7. 99Designs

If you’re looking for branding designs, 99Designs provides logos and full brand identity guides.

8. Toptal

Toptal is a network of the world’s top freelancers. They only have the top 3% of the world’s freelance professionals, so the platform is a little pricey but does provide high quality.

9. AirFleet

AirFllet gives you access to a coding team on-demand to help with your marketing campaigns. They’re coding freelancers, but specifically for SEO, integrate marketing tools and promotional games and apps.

10. Gigster

On Gigster, you can find team members to help with your software, application, and tech. You post a job and can chat with the developer within minutes. Gigster has even helped clients at IBM, Facebook, and Microsoft.

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Outsourcing and delegating work can help you scale your business, enable specialization on your team, and make more impact while working less. So don’t forget to sign up for the three-day challenge: How to outsource with confidence and ease with Tineke Rensen, a business coach for women, if you want to Scale & Grow, Make More Impact, AND Work Less in 60 days


About the author:

Tineke Rensen

Tineke Rensen is in business for 30 years. She built an international Outdoor and Survival business from scratch and sold this after 22 years. Tineke was a national whitewater kayaking champion.
She now is one of the most all-round business accelerators you can find. There are very few topics she cannot help you with your business. Many people find it hard to believe when they hear this. How much do you think you know about a topic if you live it day and night for 30 years?
Tineke works with female business owners to grow to their full business potential. She uses her own system the “Blueprint for a Successful Business Makeover”. She is a women’s business coach.

Tineke is the author of “Maximum Business Growth For Women”

Maximum Business Growth For Women

If you want to watch business videos with Tineke Rensen you can like the Powerful Business Academy Youtube Channel








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