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PBA Membership for businesswomen

If you’re a businesswoman who

realises, “Doing business is about

continuously learning”!

This is for you.

When you do business the learning never stops. Whether it is personal knowledge improvement, mindset shifts, skills improvement or anything else which you can learn in business, it is an ongoing process.

If you want to work on your business regularly and continuously you sign up for our Powerful Business Academy Membership.

Owning a business is the most fulfilling and also the “job” with the biggest variety of tasks, you can imagine.

There are a lot of different areas you need to know about.

Often you don’t have enough time to gather all the knowledge you want. So what do you do?

  • You go to networking events, or
  • You book training programs, or
  • You surf online and get tremendously distracted, or
  • You ask your network, or
  • Anything else I haven’t mentioned.

Sometimes this helps and sometimes not. All of them will cost you a lot of time.

And time is very valuable for us businesswomen. I know because I have kids and they arrived in my life when I already had a business. So it is very important for us to focus and spend our time wisely.


So what is an effective way of gathering

extra business knowledge?


We offer you a membership of our Powerful Business Academy. Where you will get opportunities to gather knowledge about doing business every month.


It is an easy and cheap way of staying up to date.


Who helds you accountable?

Who inspires you?

Who trains you?

I know all too well how easy you can slip into the mode of working hard or a lot but not growing the way you want to grow your business.

Here are some of the reasons why this happens,

  • There is so much work
  • You can’t finish tasks because there are too many situations that need your attention
  • Contractors or staff need too much attention
  • You can’t prioritize anymore because everything seems very important

I know for a fact that every business owner will end up in such a period every now and then.

Every business woman needs to take the time to reflect and work on her business. Otherwise your business is operational but drifting. Not that this a hugly alarming situation if you feel comfortable with it.

Just know that when you have high goals and when you are ambitious your business will not grow strategically.

When you become a member of our Powerful Business Academy

you will get continuously support.

  • One piece of training about a business related topic, every month (except July and August) Live in the Netherlands, or lifestream elsewhere. (Value €450,00)
  • The Online Book “Maximum Business Growth for Women. (Value € 27,00)
  • 10 % Discount on any online program you buy with us (Value depending on what you buy)
  • 1 hour private businesscoaching with Tineke every year. (Value € 300,00)
  • Access to our Powerful Business Women’s FB group
  • The online book “Restore your Cash Flow” (Value € 9,97)
  • Receive the Montly Blog articles about women and their business directly in your email.
  • 10 % Dicount on any private mentoring program you do with us (Maximum value € 550,00)
  • You will get access to the Talkshow “The Power of Women in Business” (Interviews with serious business women, worldwide)

Total Maximum Value of this program: € 1336,97 + discount on online programs

You only pay  € 24,90 / month Excl. VAT


The terms and conditions are very simple

  • You can cancel your subscription before the 15th of every month for the next month. All you have to do is send us an email
  • We invoice you automatically every month with paypal
  • After 6 month’s you can apply for the free mentoring call
  • Your subscription automatically continues after 1 year