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Do you want to grow your business now? During the crisis?

We have to face it the next economical crisis is a fact. Every day more decisions are being made for us by our governments and all we can do with our business is to adapt and be creative.

Do you have a plan?

In the 30 years, I have owned my own businesses I had to survive many crises already I always have been able to continue with my business. And often I even came out stronger.

  • The 9-11 crisis (2001)
    (There was one before, and I cannot remember when and what the name was).
  • The financial crisis (2008-2013)
  • And now the corona crisis.

How do you plan to survive the Corona crisis?

One thing which is often lacking is time to work on your business.

Most of us will have more time now than ever before. And when there is no extra time during the day than there sure is during the evenings.

  • Where you cannot go to your sports club
  • When you cannot visit family and friends
  • Where there are no networking events to go to

4 ways to survive this crisis:

  1. Make sure your business is ready to perform when this crisis is over. Work on a solid foundation to be able to scale up quickly when everything starts growing again.
  2. Find ways to cut down on expenses and sit this one out
  3. Be creative and come up with new ideas. 
  4. The best plan is a combination of 1. 2. and 3. Make sure you work ON your business now when there is time and in the meantime save expenses and be creative to find solutions to continue being in business. 

Make your business crisis-proof.

Work with me and my team to survive this corona-crisis where we will help you to work on all 4 of the above solutions.

In just a couple of weeks, your business will be reshaped. 
You will have a mastermind group who will support you
You will have a solid foundation to build and grow your business when the crisis is over.
And chances are that you grow your business will even grow.

Take action now and get rid of overwhelm.

You are a businesswoman and businesspeople roll up their sleeves and continue working. This is the time to step up and show everybody what you are worth.

One of the big solutions to continue your business is finding online solutions.

Have online meetings
Have online pieces of training
Have online events

And there can be other very creative ways to grow your business. Ways you might NOT be able to see yet.

Ways you CAN see with a mentor and with another group of creative businesswomen.

Getting new clients now


  • More people will now have time to spend time online.       
  • How do you write blogs?         
  • How do you create great social media messages?
  • Build an email funnel.
  • And also the old fashioned method such as calling people.


Then start working ON your business growth
in different ways.


  • Meet real people, but online for now
  • Work to increase your online sales
  • Start collaborations
  • Position yourself in different ways

And there are many other models on how to find new clients and grow your business. 


30 years of EXPERIENCE


Work on your business with business mentor Tineke Rensen. She has 30 years of business experience and already owned a business before the online era.

  • She started youngTineke Rensen
  • She knows what it is like to do business with men
  • She knows how to persist and be creative
  • She is a national sports champion
  • She is a serial entrepreneur
  • She is a multi-award-winning businesswoman
  • She is a serial book bestseller businesswoman

Ok, that is all very great, you might think and how will this all benefit me?
Becoming a national champion requires commitment. And this commitment will be for you when you enter this program.

30 years of business experience creates an experience that no other business coach has and therefore the creativity to look at your issues to grow your business. The coaching will be tailormade.


There is not a “ONE FITS ALL FIX”
to grow your business.


  • Since every business owner is different
  • Every business is therefore different
  • Your clients are different
  • Your services or products are different

Tineke will monitor that fact that no matter which phase your business is in you will get value out of the program. So come and join our group coaching program and see how you can grow your business even in a crisis.

 Tineke is very creative in coming up with different solutions for different businesses even when in this crisis.

We will start on the 26th of March with an online group program

Join our online group program

What you will get out of this program?

  1.   Have various structures in place such as:
      • a financial plan,
      • marketing plan,
      • monthly targets
      • an annual plan

2.   Knowing which of your services and products are your best to market

3.   An ambassadors program of people who constantly refer you.

4.   Confident in how to position your business

5.   A winning mindset

6.   Sales script for sales calls

7.   Converting sales template for direct 1-on-1 conversations

8.   Criteria for partnerships and new partnerships in the making

9.   Step to step plan for outsourcing and which tools you can use to monitor

10. Tailormade advice directly for your business no matter in which phase it is


This is what we offer


  • 2 Months of EXTENSIVE working ON your business.
  • 2 x 1-On-1 coaching call of 1 hour with Tineke Rensen
  • 2 x 1-Day masterclass. With possible live-streaming when needed. We will work in blocks of max 1 1/2 hour during the whole day.
  • 4 x Online masterclass of 2 hours about various topics in business
  • 4 x Q & A calls
  • 15 Video tutorials on various business topics
  • Book Maximum Business Growth For Women
  • Instant support in whats’app group of Tineke and group members
  • Liking and sharing one another’s posts to create more buzz

We will have an extra online meeting at the beginning of the program on the 26th of March to get to know everybody and to get detailed information about the rest of your program.

We will start on the 26th of March.

The private coaching sessions with Tineke are live or online. You can schedule your calls with her automatically.

There will be a 1-on-1 conversation with you and Tineke before you start to find out about what you want to achieve. If you don’t feel OK after this conversation your money will be refunded.



Your investment in this training program is

3995,- euro

Because we really want to support businesswomen during the corona crisis we offer it at a very low price now.

We offer it now until the 25th of March for

997,- euro only


We also offer you a payment plan.

Pay in 2 times and pay 2 x 510,- euro


After your (first) payment is received you get a scheduling link to set up an online meeting with Tineke before the program starts.


We only offer 10 spots and we now have 8 spots left for you to enter this coaching and mentoring program

This program is only for businesswomen who:

  • Dare to get out of there comfort zone
  • Are willing to work hard
  • Are coachable
  • Already have 3 years of business experience
  • Take their business seriously and don’t do it on the side.
  • Have time to invest to work ON the business




So we start on the 26th of March with a group call to introduce ourselves.

Before that, you and I will have a 1-on-1 call for both of us to find out if this program is the right fit for you. If not your money will be refunded.

Whatever you do, don’t let this one get you under. Stay strong and keep working.



Your investment is 997,00 excl. VAT or when you want to pay in 2 instalments it is 510,00 excl. VAT now and the next 510,00 you pay next month.