vo, Various scaling models for businesswomen to grow their business

Various scaling models for businesswomen to grow their business

Various scaling models for businesswomen to grow their business

Various scaling models for businesswomen to grow their business

How do you find the scaling model to grow your business which suits you?

Nowadays most businesswomen only hear that you can grow your business online.

There is a lot of focus on online advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, linked-in marketing, writing blogs, recording videos and more.

And yes all of these actions are possibilities to grow your business. But the more traditional models from before we did business online, still work very well.

Only one scaling model is being taught nowadays

It is not a surprise that the old school methods are not well known. A lot of the business coaches that are out there only know the online scaling model, because it is THE way they grow their own business. And because it works for them they teach this model to businesswomen.

Spending a lot of time online is distracting

Your clients might not be so much online. I often hear from my own clients that they don’t spend a lot of time online since they find it distracting and a waste of their time.

Many self-employed businesswomen spend a lot of time online. Could there be a correlation between the small business they often have and the time they spend online and the way they desperately try to grow their business with only one method?

It is all about serving more clients

When you want to grow your business seriously there are more ways to grow and stopping to surf the internet will give you a lot more time to work ON sustainable business growth.

And although often you might not know how to do this, and it might even be scary….

In your heart, you really want to serve more clients.

And there are people out there who can help you to choose the model which suits you and then execute a strategy together with you.

Growing your business is so much fun.

It is nearly every business women’s desire, and because she does not know how too, her business often remains (very) small. That is such a waste of potential since we need bigger businesses of women out there in the big business world.

When you have trained your brain well enough to make sure you

  • do not feel overwhelm
  • do doubt yourself
  • can easily go outside your comfort zone
  • can get rid of having to have control all the time

Then growing your business is a lot of fun and it is very rewarding because you’ll serve more people.

Here are some of the old school scaling models

  1. Employing people
  2. Find a business partner
  3. Train the trainer
  4. Improve your off-line sales strategy
  5. Ambassadors program
  6. Strategic alliances
  7. Visit networking events
  8. Exhibit on expo’s
  9. Growing internationally
  10. Find agents
  11. Cold calling
  12. Franchising

In the next series of blogs, I will explain about all the different models.

So stay tuned and find me on social media or in your inbox.

Do you want to grow your business some other ways along-with online advertising?

With the level of competition among online businesses, chances are some company somewhere that is in direct competition with you.With this tremendous competition it’s nearly impossible to get desired number of clients from online.And this is not the only way you want to grow your business.


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