vo, What are the benefits of Outsourcing for businesswomen?

What are the benefits of Outsourcing for businesswomen?

What are the benefits of Outsourcing for businesswomen?

What are the benefits of Outsourcing for businesswomen?


For businesswomen, outsourcing is one of the scariest things to do when they encounter it for the first time.

Businesswomen often feel that they can do best when it concerns their own business.

What a mistake to believe this, I would say. Why would you be the only one who is capable of doing a specific task?

And even when you are the best, you will never be able to grow your business with this kind of work ethic. Chance are that you will be stressed most of the time and feel the pressure of too much work. A time will come that you cannot take on more clients, which is a waste of potential for you and your business.

You might have to work during your holiday, or you might want to close your business during your vacation and therefore you could lose potential clients. I cannot believe that this is a very attracting for-sight.

Why businesswomen Fear of outsourcing?



There is also another thing that hinders women to outsource, FEAR. They are afraid that they will lose control. Businesswomen are afraid that clients will be less happy. And guess what, even when this would be the case, you have to accept this, for you to be able to grow your business. Of course, you put time and money to prevent this from happening.

One of my clients who has a large business lets her private clients walk into the office and she believes that her staff does not have all the knowledge she has, to be able to help these people correctly, so she does this herself. Most of the time this is for spare parts or maintenance. It will cost her 15 to 20 minutes of her time and the average amount spent by the client will be 20,00 euros. It took me a lot of persuasions to let her see that when she continues doing this, she cannot scale up her business to the goals that we have set.

Her time is a lot more valuable than spending 20 minutes for only 20 euros.

What about you? Are you doing the same?

How you value your time is a big issue for women. Which is not only about the price you ask but also about where you spend your time on.

My clients feel stressed because it distracts her from her own tasks, and she cannot get everything done that she needs to do.

I gave her 2 options,


1. Teach your knowledge to some of your co-workers (not only to one, because when this person leaves, you still have the same problem. It makes you and your business vulnerable)

2.  Only have a few opening hours per day or even per week for such kind of questions.

And you have to know that we are changing the focus of her business to a different target audience. From less private clients to working with bigger groups. Because it costs the same amount of time and brings in more money. So why keep spending time to private clients who are walking into the office and distract you. Because women will give everything for happy clients. And that is a great treat but not when it stops you from growing. Because when you grow your business you will get more happy clients.


The proposals are too complicated I cannot outsource that


All of my clients that are in the process of scaling believe they still have to make the proposals themselves, because they know best how to do this, do it the quickest and every proposal is different. I always argue about this.

When you are scaling, more proposals will have to be made which takes even more of your time.

There are always a lot of parts in every proposal that is the same.

You have to capture those parts and standardize them.

The next thing is looking into past proposals for parts that you can re-use.

If you copy and paste all of those things in your standard proposal and take some extra time once, to write a paragraph about everything that your business can offer, it is simply a matter of deleting parts in your proposal. And what’s easier to outsource than that?

Everybody can change the name, the address, the date, and delete everything you tell them to do.

You can even systematize this. Have one page where you add the things that need to be added. And tick the sections that have to be deleted. You can then add this task to someone else task list. It will cost you only 5 minutes instead of over 1 hour.

There are so many things that you can systematize in your business and that is essential when you want to grow.

The problem is that most businesswomen don’t see this because they have always been doing it the same way. And you can’t know what you don’t know. When you want to grow your business, getting the right help is key!


About the author:

Tineke Rensen

Tineke Rensen is in business for 29 years. She built an international Outdoor and Survival business from scratch and sold this after 22 years. Tineke was a national whitewater kayaking champion.
She now is one of the most all-around business accelerators you can find. There are very few topics she cannot help you with your business. Many people find it hard to believe when they hear this. How much do you think you know about a topic if you live it day and night for 28 years?
Tineke works with female business owners to grow to their full business potential. She uses her own system the “Blueprint for a Successful Business Makeover”. She is a women’s business coach.

Tineke is the author of “Maximum Business Growth For Women”

Maximum Business Growth For Women

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