How it all started🙂

Tineke started her first business when she was only 25 years of age.
Back then, she was the only female entrepreneur in her industry (Outdoor and Survival),
and she learned to do business the masculine way.

Growing up, she studied sports and was a member of two national sports teams,
white water kayaking and mogul skiing. She became the national champion
in white water kayaking, representing her country,
The Netherlands, in World Cups and Euro Cups. 🏅

Masculine👨‍💼 and feminine👩‍💼 way of business success

When Tineke first got into business, her definition of success was highly influenced
by the masculine methods of her industry. As she encountered more and more women
in the business arena, she found that they had a different approach in doing business.
So she started developing her feminine skills in business and
learned a different meaning of success:

Having seen both masculine and feminine ways at play in business,
she realized that a combination of the two is the best way to run a business and
become successful. Becoming a women’s business coach was the logical move to make.

The differences between men and women when they do business

The Big Change

So Tineke sold her business, which was operating internationally
with a team of 5-25 people, after 22 years. She has been helping female entrepreneurs
build bigger businesses since,
integrating the feminine way into her approach as she goes along.

Spending lots of money💲💲 on new knowledge

After Tineke sold her business to focus on being a coach for female entrepreneurs,
she invested most of that money into learn new business skills, such as:

All of these programs promised to be the
holy grail of creating a successful business.
And Tineke went through them with her sports-pro-mentality,
starting and finishing them “successfully.”

But despite these, including her tremendous amount of experience over the years,
her new business did not become as successful as they promised.😟

And if Tineke, the successful businesswoman with an impressive sports career,
could not become successful with all these programs, how can you?

Who is this businesswoman?👩

Tineke is a mother of 2 daughters, aged 20 and 17, who still live with her.
She is 56 and has been in business for 31 years. She is constantly improving her
knowledge of various business skills.

She also always has both a personal and business coach, because
she is very aware that there is always room for improvement.
She also knows that she cannot see her own blind spots. Neither can you.

She is a go-getter and very results-oriented, focused, and very compassionate.
It is her mission to support women to build bigger businesses so that
more femininity will enter the masculine business world.
She is now a business coach for female entrepreneurs and absolutely loves it.🥰

As a business coach for women, Tineke has written two books.
Her English book is titled “Maximum Business Growth For Women.”

She has spoken on international stages all over the world,
including Dubai, the USA, and lots of European countries.

She started her own business club for female entrepreneurs and
hosts monthly events for its members.

Her Facebook Group, Powerful Business Women, is composed of
many business women from all over the world and is very active.

This kind of experience you rarely come across

When she started her first business there were no computers and cellphones.📱
There was no internet, social media, emails, and websites.

When all these came along, Tineke, always the early adopter,
embraced these innovations and used them to scale and grow her business.

As a business coach for female entrepreneurs, she is one of the very few
business mentors who can teach you the best ways of the online and offline world.
(And the old ways still work very well when you want to scale and grow a business!)

Tineke now truly is one of the most ALL-AROUND and most experienced
women’s business coach you will find.👩🏼‍💼

The big discoveries💡

Tineke discovered:

Creating success strategies to help you become a
successful female entrepreneur😎

Tineke created the Women’s Blueprint To Business Success and is now a
successful business coach for women.

She has learned the hard way that becoming successful nowadays involves many areas,
and not just one single training, masterclass, or workshop. And all those areas have
sub-areas that female entrepreneurs need to work on.
And because

a custom made, personal approach is the best guarantee for success.
You need a personal coach for women entrepreneurs, guiding, training and mentoring
when you really want to nail down your own success formula.👍

Check out the “Women’s Blueprint For Business Success”

It covers every area you need to work on to become successful in business.

A business coach for women like Tineke can help you with ALL these areas.
If you


Tineke has quick 15-minute chats with everybody who recognizes herself
in one of the situations above and is longing for a change in this area.
The call gives you clarity. And she won’t try to pitch or sell you.
After this short conversation, you both decide if
you want to explore further.
No strings attached.

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