How Women Do Business

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How women do business

When you are a woman in business and you want to find out what the specifics are about how women do business, this FREE report is what you need. Ninety-eight pages of valuable information for businesswomen.

The researcher sent a list with 30 questions to over 1000 businesswomen. And she created a thorough report about the results. 
Nowhere on the internet, you will be able to find so many facts and statistics about businesswomen.

You will get a good perspective on

– how women do business,
– what the goals of businesswomen are 
– Compare yourself with the results of the other women.
– Find out where you are with the most important business skills.
– Get extra tips and tricks on how to grow your business.

The initiator of the study is Tineke Rensen from Powerful Business Academy.
An Academy where she teaches businesswomen to grow their business.  She has 30 years of business experience of her own. She started her first business when she was 25. She is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and the national sports champion whitewater kayaking of her country. It nagged her that there are many facts and statistics on the internet about men in business and very few about businesswomen. 

That’s history now.

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