Healing your business and money blocks
so you can create exponential wealth. 👍

Everything is energy⚡… what is yours?

Did you know that there are more levels to business growth than:

…and all the other things we do daily in our 3D business world.

There is another level where we can create exponential wealth­­💰––
and that is in the 5D world.

And when I am talking about wealth, I am not only talking about money.💵

That 5D world is not about DOING, nor is it about having the right skills or strategies.

NO, none of that!

What matters is that you are BEING in alignment with all the
above things WHEN you are DOING them.

If you’re wondering why all your efforts in building and growing your business “did not work out”
you should look into your emotional conditioning.

We all have this.

(Let’s not dwell on the words “did not work out” because it may become installed in your head
and you might start resonating with failure and starting to vibrate failure.)

Let’s say that you are not where you CAN be with your business.

Is it safe to say that this frustrates you from time to time, or maybe more often than not?😕

Let’s end that now.

We ALL have emotional conditioning.

This conditioning has been stored away in our subconscious, yet it rules

our daily activities and decisions.

Did you know that over 90% of our decisions are ruled by the subconscious?

You don’t have to believe this. It is proven over and over by various studies and research.

 It’s a fact!🙂

If you can accept this, a whole new world will open up for you.

A world where you are the cause of everything you see in your life.

And I mean everything­­. Both the things you love and the things you don’t love.❤️

The things you DON’T LOVE––wouldn’t you want to know how to eliminate

these in your life?

Let me share with you some of my past emotional conditioning

One morning when I was 3 years old, I went downstairs to find my dad lying on the coach.
He had been in an accident. He had serious spine injury and the doctors told him he could
never work anymore.

He was a proud man. He wanted to provide for his family, and he refused to accept
what the doctors told him. From that moment on, he was always in pain. But he kept working.

For him working was hard. Earning money was hard.😓


For me it has been the same: earning money has always been hard.
I’ve been in business over 30 years, so the money comes through my efforts.
Efforts I always initiated with the emotional conditioning:
“Money doesn’t come easy. You have to work hard for money.”

This was emotional conditioning from my past, and I have been able to heal it.
Now I don’t feel called anymore to work so hard. I don’t HAVE to work.
I don’t feel guilty when I don’t work, and I can enjoy holidays a lot more.
And there is a whole lot more money in my life.

More than ever before.

This is just one example of the many emotional blockages I have carried with me

most of my working life.

And it had a HUGE effect on my business.

There were times when I was making money easily, but most of the times that was not the case.

That isn’t all. I had many other blockages.

I had blockages about:

And many more.

Recognize yourself in some of these?

It was so tiring but I did not even notice it back then!
To me, it was just my way of being.

I have 2 kids and they were born when I was already an up-and-running businesswoman.
I was always tired. Yet I always managed to keep everything going. It shouldn’t have been like that.

I had no idea, but I was carrying a huge backpack with emotional garbage on my shoulders.
And it made life a lot heavier than it should have been.

And you know what­­––I’m being blunt, and please forgive me for that­­––
YOU are carrying a backpack🎒 with emotional garbage too.

We ALL do.

What emotional conditioning do you have?

Often you don’t even know about all these sabotaging beliefs because they are perfectly normal to you.
It has always been this way and you have always acted accordingly.
You have created enough proof that this is the way it is.

But what if I say to you:

What you believe now as your truth doesn’t have to be your truth!

How do you take actions that are in alignment with what you desire to achieve?

Remove your backpack!🎒

Let me help you do this.

You can’t see what you can’t see. BUT you are acting upon it since it is stored away
in your subconscious.

With my reiki energy⚡ and healing skills, I can heal your MOST significant emotional blockages. 

Without these mental and emotional blockages, you will have alignment in
ALL your business decisions and business actions.

Imagine how that would work out for you!

when I was young with my big back pack

When I was young with my big back pack

How does it work?

With the reiki energy, I can heal your blockages from a distance. We don’t have to meet in person.

It can be done online, and it works even when I don’t see or hear you.

I channel the energy out of the universe and send it to you.

I can do this with my mind or with my hands, focusing on you and the issue you

want to be healed.

It works on past emotions, and it will work on shifting your future.😀

What does the program look like?

During this call, I will also help you see what the biggest blockage in your business is right now. That is what we will be working on during the upcoming 4 weeks.👍

The program is 4 weeks.

The results of these 4 weeks vary per person.

This is what you can expect to happen

What would this be worth to you?

If you have no idea, my answer is; it is invaluable.

But if we put a price to it, let’s say it’s € 10.000, – I believe that is a fair price.👍

I also know this is a lot of money for many businesswomen.
And for some, that is way beyond their reach. That is why I want to make this easy for you.

It is my calling to help businesswomen scale and grow their business.
And the biggest obstacle for this, most often is you.

The businesswoman.

The initiator of everything.

Because I am launching this program, your investment now is

€ 1500,-

(excl. VAT for EU businesses)

Who is your trainer / coach

Tineke with cup

I’m Tineke Rensen. Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, international speaker, mom of two teenage daughters, and former sports champion. I have over 30 years of personal business experience.👩‍💼

I am also a Level 2 certified Reiki Practioner, practicing for 25 years now.

In the past 10 years I’ve helped thousands of businesswomen to grow their business. Now I am also offering my reiki service to heal businesswomen from emotional blockages which stops them from becoming successful.

 I am straightforward, down-to-earth, and spiritual. I just love helping businesswomen to Scale & Grow their businesses AND double their income in a year or less.


No, you can only pay in euros. You can check this link to calculate the exchange rate for your currency.
When you pay with a credit card, the exchange rate will be the smallest.

If you are from any EU country, we will add 21 % VAT, shown on your invoice.When you are from outside of the EU, we don’t have to charge tax.

You can pay with Paypal, Creditcard or IDeal (Dutch payment system). You will receive an invoice in your email.

You need to be able to work at least 4-6 hours weekly on implementing everything you’ve learned.

This will be a 1:1 training program direct with Tineke. When you are living in the Netherlands you are welcome at my office. If you are abroad, we will meet on Zoom.

Don't wait!

Choose to Heal Your Business Now

There is nothing left to say other than:

I wish you all the best with scaling and growing your business.

And if I can help you heal your business and be any part of your business growth,📈
I will be honored to help you.

Still have questions?

You can reach out to me directly. Click on the contact button at the right-hand bottom of this page. It will connect you to my personal WhatsApp. If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule a free call with me, send me a message. I will answer as soon as I can.

Or you can schedule a personal 15-minute call with me, to see if this program is the right fit for you

You can call, email or send a direct message for a response.

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