How Your Money-Archetype Influences Your
Business Decisions And Why Knowing About it
Clears Your Path To Prosperity

Do You Want to Discover How To Make Money
Easily and Naturally?

Dear Sister in Business,

I have an amazing opportunity for you. Which will help you to Change Your Decisions around money for good.

This vital information to Generate You More Money, you’ll hardly find anywhere else. Businesspeople always believe they need to work harder or smarter to make more Money. None of this is true!

There is one big piece of information all of them are missing, and that is why they work so hard with too little financial rewards.

They have No Clue What Their Powerful Money Type is. And that is the vital information I am going to give to you for FREE, if you take action today.

When You Do This FREE Assessment, You’ll Discover How to:

Make money easily and naturally.
Only take the actions that will guaranteed make you money and skip all the other actions that only cost you money and time.
Feel confident when making money decisions.
Make your bank account grow.

But Why Should You Listen To Me?
Listen To What Other People Have To Say About The Assessment

Bregtje van Thiel-Coovels 
Company: VTC Management and consulting

I now understand very well why it was always so difficult for me to ask for a Good Price For My Services. I am not money-driven. Although I grew up in an environment where money was considered very important and was always present in abundance.

When owning a company, that is of course a Disastrous Combination “The Powerful Money Types Assessment” taught me where my strengths lie with money. My strength is in the combination of my large network and my wish to help everyone. After talking to Tineke  I realized how much value I was offering among other things, Asking A Better Price was a very logical step for me.

Let me tell you a little bit more about me.

I am in business for 30 years and I have Helped 100ds Of Business Women with this assessment. And during that time, I learned a few valuable lessons. Lessons that lead me to start teaching you about the “Powerful Money Types”.
See, I remember very well, when I did the assessment for the first time, how revealing it was. I finally understood why I made different decisions than other business people. And why certain actions I took had Very Little Results.

Now, if you're wondering why I tell you all of it is.

I totally understand what it means to be uncertain about the amount of money flowing in every month. On the other hand, I also understand how it feels to breakthrough and succeed. And that is What I Wish For You Too.

Tineke Rensen
Powerful Business Academy

By working with the ‘’Powerful Money Types” I found out myself why people want to follow me. I always felt a bit uncomfortable by that idea. And I did not understand why this was the case. 

But now I even founded a new business that is build on this strength. An international Business Women’s Network. And I feel exhilarated with this business. Because I now do what my Money Blueprint shows that it’s best for me. And that Makes My Work Effortlessly.

Do You Too Want to Have a Prosperity Mindset?

The information inside the FREE assessment about your own typical Powerful Money Type, And Why Knowing About It Clears Your Path To Prosperity is nothing short of amazing. But I don’t want you to take my word for it. Instead, listen to what other people have to say about how they have changed their Prosperity Mindset.
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Lissa Agema
Focus op Winst (Focus on Profit)

Last summer I attended the Summer Business School of Tineke Rensen. As part of this intense business training, I did the Powerful Money Type Assessment with Tineke. The knowledge that I got about how I used to make My Money Decisions was very helpful to me. I am a profit adviser for my clients, and I am also helping them with their accounting.

From then onwards I always advise my new my clients to go to Tineke first and do the assessment with her. With The Results Of This Assessment, not only does my client get a clear insight in their money behaviours, it also gives me the perfect tools on How To Guide Them To More Profit.

Here’s the deal. I really wish for you to start working with This Powerful Knowledge. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll love knowing which Powerful Money Type you are. You will immediately get clarity about why actions did not work out the way you had planned.

My guarantee to you is that this knowledge will help you do all the things that I promised to you. And on the next page I will also reveal to you how you can qualify to have A FREE One-On-One with Me About The Results of your assessment.

To Get This FREE Assessment you only need to give me your email address. It is totally free of charge.

So, what are you waiting for?

Every secret you need to know about how to Make Money Easily and Naturally is in this free assessment. And you can get access to it for FREE. Don’t miss out on it.

To your success,
Tineke Rensen

P.S. One Warning: I don’t know how long I’ll keep this “Powerful Money Type Assessment” for free. So, while this offer is still available, go ahead and Apply Now.

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Ricardo de Waal 
Company: Boanova ltd.

Thanks to the “Powerful Money Types Assessment” I now know much better where I have to pay attention to, and which entrepreneurial skills are really easy for me and how I can achieve the best results with those skills. I now also Know Where To Watch Out For, so that I don’t fall into one of my (unconscious) traps. 

My (unconscious) beliefs about money did not do justice to my existence as a business person. In fact, they prevented me from expanding my international business. Thanks to the safety and expertise offered by Tineke, it was possible for me to face deep-seated blockades. It was an emotional moment for me to discover that I had suppressed parts of myself from my youth to fit into a desired image. This Clarity Is A Great Gift.

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