Here ls All You Ever Need to Scaling And Growing Your Business

Each of these 40 videos will change the way you do business forever.

Are you a businesswoman trying to grow your business to the best of your capabilities? Do you envision lots of happy customers?  To be honest, fast business growth only happens in fairytales. There are over 40 areas you need to work on when you want to Scale & Grow your business.
That is a LOT!
Doing your very best does not give you the assurance you get the results you desire. Doing the right things; DOES!

Change the way you do business forever.

Let me help you identify ALL the areas you need to work
on when you want to grow your business. So, next year
you HAVE the business you desire.

The problem is when you have a big dream for your business, you don’t know where to start.
It is never about the action you take but about HOW you implement the action,
which is the success of business scaling.

Do You Recognise This?

  1. You can be on social media ALL day long, but it  will not have any effect when you don’t have the right message for the right audience for the right price. And this is just one area you need to work on in these days and times.
  2. It is the same for finance. When you have no idea about what price to ask, you likely ask the wrong price. When you then don’t know how to sell your service, no price is right.
  3. Or writing blogs, creating videos, working in your FB group, it all CAN work. But it can also be a lot of work without the results you had in mind when you started it.

Overnight results DO NOT happen when
you are still building your business

It is a lie of people who are working very hard, trying a lot, working their buts of for
many years and finally finding the sweet spot. What they do not communicate to you is all the blood,
sweat and tears it has cost them and ALL the mistakes they made and ALL the money it has cost them.

And believe me, I have made many mistakes too. All the 3 I mentioned above, I made them too
and many more, and I can tell you it’s been a lonesome and frustrating road. And It has cost me
over 200.000,- in investments in coaches and courses. And that is why I decided to share my
knowledge with you, so you can find a shorter road.

How can a business grow? That is what you’ll find out in this training.

Tineke with cup

My name is Tineke Rensen. Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, international speaker, mother of 2  teenage daughters  and an ex sports athlete with world cup experience and I am a national champion. I have over 30 years of personal business experience. And the past 10 years I’ve helped 1000ds of businesswomen to grow their business. I am straight forward, down to earth, and spiritual too. I just love to help businesswomen to Scale & Grow their businesses and double their income within a year.

The price for this online training is priceless. Imagine being able to tap into 30 years of business
experience. When we put a price on the value of this course, it would be somewhere near

10.000,- euro

What will you get:

BUT I want to make this a no brainer for you.
I want you to succeed as soon as possible.
So, instead of 10.000,- which is the actual value for all this training material to
Scale & Grow your business.

You only pay

27,- euro

Now don’t hesitate, or wait, because I might change my mind this week and raise this price.

What Are The Videos About?

I am introducing some of the topics of the videos. You will find videos on
some of the following business areas. Every video covers some of the basics
you need to know about this important area.

blueprint for women

The Women's Blueprint For Business Success

As you can see, there is a wide variety of topics since there never is one area that makes a huge difference when you want to increase business growth.

A business is a holistic entity; you always need to work on every area to scaling and growing your business. Therefore, I created the “Women’s Blueprint for Business Success”, which involves nine areas with lots of subareas. The videos are about ALL areas and most of the sub areas of the Blueprint.

blueprint for women
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How to grow my business is a question you don’t need to ask anymore after you’ve
implemented all the information of these 40 videos

There is nothing left to say other than:
“I wish you all the best with scaling and growing your business“.
And if I can be any part of that, you can start with checking me out and buy this training.

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