If you organize an event specifically for female business owners, do consider having Tineke as a speaker. She is a female business owner for 28 years, situated in The Netherlands. She is a highly skilled and trained keynote speaker. She is trained by the best speakers trainers in the world such as Andy Harrington, T. Harv Eker, and Blair Singer.

She works with female business owners to work ON their business, instead of IN their business, with the model that Tineke created.

For a brief introduction about Tineke please watch this short video:

Short Bio

When Tineke was born she was supposed to be a boy, (according to her father). She must have felt this somehow because she loved playing with boys when she was little. She entered a male-dominated sport (whitewater kayaking) and she started a business in the outdoor and survival industry. After 22 years, she sold this business in this male-dominated niche.

She had no idea that women did business in a totally different way. Most of the female business she knew of were not thriving. Comparing this with her experience in the men’s world, she could immediately see why this is the case.

Women have a perfect product or service, and they have the right people to work with and treat them and their customers very well, but the business is usually financially not as healthy as it can be.

What if women would adopt some of the male skills but do this in their own female manner Tineke thought?

She started a survey about female entrepreneurship her own country, the Netherlands. She wanted to know what was specific about the way they do business and what is different about business and men. She wrote a report about this study and published it.

The Blueprint for a Successful Business Makeover

The 8 steps from the blueprint are area’s where every business owner can create big changes with massive results. Tineke wrote a book about the Blueprint where she explains in detail what business owners can change to grow their business.


Recently Tineke spoke for female business owners in

  • Albania
  • Paris
  • London
  • Cardiff
  • Dubai

If you consider hiring Tineke as a speaker you are assured that your audience will be:

  • Motivated
  • Have new insights
  • Aware where their current limitations are
  • Aware of their position compared to other female business owners
  • business owners in the world and know how to change this.
  • Exceeding their expectations during a spectacular exercise, that Tineke does with the audience. (Depeoning of the time of the speaker-slot)
  • Participating in the presentation, because Tineke puts the audience at work

The major topic that Tineke likes to speak about is her thorough study of female entrepreneurship. Because there are few facts to be found on the internet, about how women do business, Therefore Tineke decided to start her own research.
In 2016 she questioned nearly 400 female entrepreneurs. Business owners and self- employed.

This resulted in a thoughrow report with a lot of figures and diagrams. Sometimes a difference is made between self-employed entrepreneurs and business owners. And as to be expected there is a difference in the way these two are doing business.

Besides that, there are also tips for female business owners to grow personally and business- wise. During Tineke’s presentation, she likes to talk about a few highlights from this report. For a free copy of the report please visit:
http:// powerfulbusinessacademy.com/ study-how-women-do-business

If you like to connect with Tineke to discuss your ideas of hiring her and give a presentation at your stage, please do so.

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