Video Training

“Maximum Business Growth for Women”

Maixmum Business growth for women
15 video’s to take your business to a whole new level. Where you will work on your business to get the results you have always wanted.

€ 347,-

The book contains 8 themes in business where you will work on. Every exercise is with a video and often a worksheet as well.

When you are finished with the training you will have:

  • a better understanding of the finances of your business
  • the knowledge on how to set targets
  • the knowledge how every day needs to look like to get your needs met
  • a clear idea what your mission statement is
  • a 3 year long term business plan with goals as well
  • the knowledge of who your target audience is and what they want
  • the knowledge how your business foundation needs to be when you want to scale up
  • the knowledge of how your team needs to communicate
  • the tools to stop the little voice in your head. The voice which is often undermining you.
  • the tools on how to find ideal business partners

work when you want and when you have time with the video’s

You will get immediate access to the video’s. So you can start whenever you want.

There is a lot of variation in the exercises so you will improve many area’s in your business.

Get to know yourself

Work on yourself and on business at the same time.

Without personal growth there can be no business growth.

Work on your little voice in your head that often stops you from taking action now.

Little investment big return

Investing in yourself will last as long as you are in business. More profit this year, will also more profit the year after and after that one.

How much extra could you make in the next 5 years? If you sum that up and look at the investment of this training…

The Blueprint For a Successful Business Makeover

The business model where the book is all about and what is also the heart of this training.


What is your mindset. How do you see things? How do you see yourself? Are you programmed for success, mediocracy or failure? What beliefs do you have that are hindering you and will stop you from achieving your dreams.


What’s your mission? What’s your vision? What blood flows through the veins of your business? How do you set goals? How do you make a financial plan? How do you set monthly targets?


Are you competing with price or service? Only one can be the cheapest and do you want to be in this rat-race? What do you choose? How do you position yourself? Who are your ideal clients?
How do you position your business? What is it that you really do with your business?

Smart Business Tools

Which smart business tools are out there and which ones do you use to attract more clients to your business? What can you automate nowadays?


When you employ staff or outsource in both cases you have a team. How do you keep them motivated? How do you make sure they have your business DNA? How do you know you have the right person for the job? And how do you make sure they will always support your business first.

Acceleration Power

Is your business prepared for growth? Is everything at place and ready when all these extra customers or your first big client are coming? Do you have the right procedures and systems in place so that you and everybody else knows exactly what to do and when? Also when you are a solo-preneur it is vital to have everything ready when you want to scale up.

Relaxed Entrepreneurship

When scaling up, most business people think they need to work harder. NO, you need to work smarter and more relaxed. You should initiate every action with the right energy and belief so that flow kicks in and coincidence steps in. When you know you can create coincidence scaling up becomes a lot more fun and you get a lot more done.

Help & Support

Do you seek help when you need it or do you wait too long and when it is 5 past twelve?
Do You try everything you can first and then seek help or are you smart and seek help right ashy so you save a lot of money and time?

You don’t know what you don’t know. and there are other people out there who do.
A business coach or a mentor for example. Find a mastermind group or a buddy.


All off the above themes you will work on during the Training” Smart & Relaxed Entrepreneurship

blueprint for women

About Tineke Rensen

  • 29 years of entrepreneurship
  • National white water champion
  • Multi-award winning business woman
  • International bestselling author

“The best investment in your business is an
investment in yourself. This one will last forever”


So what is included?

€ 597,-

video’s to work on your business

  • more money
  • more flow & ease
  • more systems
  • more planning

€ 9,97

E-book: Restore your
Cash Flow Fast.

60 Tips for business owners to restore your cash flow fast.

€ 27,-

Signed hard copy of the book: “Maximum Business Growth For Women”

And one more FREE bonus, you can do the assessment to find out what “Powerful Money Type” you are.
Where you will find out how you are programmed with money.

I am giving you nearly 50 % discount on this total package.

Instead of paying the total amount of

€ 633,97

You only pay

€ 347,-

including VAT

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