Scale & Grow


Is it time for your 
business to level up?

Get rid of overwhelm and
Doing everything on your own?

It’s time to
Delegate With Confidence And Ease

Can you imagine?

Growing your business and working less at the same time
No more overwhelm and more time for friends and family
Go on holiday without stress because your business is in safe hands

Yes, it's possible!

You too, can learn how to do this, like the other businesswomen I taught!
Scale & Grow, Make More Impact, AND Work less in 60 days.

How, you may ask?

Delegate With Confidence And Ease

It will change the way you do business forever!

Hire your first independent contractor as an expert and stop doing it all by yourself.
Create the business and lifestyle you desire by elevating yourself to a serious businesswoman.

And the best part?

You don’t need lots of money It is very doable for EVERY self-employed women to start hiring and delegating the work you should not do anymore.

What you’re getting

YOUR INVESTMENT € 5.000 € 2.000, -

*Only 5 Scholarship discount spots available*


How would your life change
when you do what you
love to do and let others
take care of the rest?

It’s time to stop doing everything on your own
and start creating your dream team!

If you’re a female entrepreneur who has too much on her plate,
and you want to grow and can’t see how you can do even more work.

Start to delegate now,
with flow and ease.

Most women think it is a big risk to hire people. Or they believe it is very expensive.

Or they believe that doing more herself is the way to grow her business.
Do not invest in yet another skill which promises this will definitely give you more clients. Only to find out you are not having the results they promised you.
Duhh, those trainers have been doing it all their career and you need to invest a hell of a lot of time, effort, and money to gain just a fraction of expertise they have.

FOR EXAMPLE, why do you even want to master all the skills that are out there in the online jungle when you can hire experts to do it for you? And stop feeling scared you might make a mistake. And especially stop feeling overwhelmed because you have too on your plate and you don’t know how to prioritize anymore.
What if you stop investing all your Hard-earned money in skills and start to invest it wisely in experts who do the work for you?
I started hiring people who work for me when I was 25 years old. At some point, with my former business, I had a team of 25 people working for me in various locations in Europe. So, I walk the talk. I’ve been hiring employees, independent contractors, and companies to work for me for 30 years.
You CANNOT create the business of your dreams on your own.

Here’s what we cover in “Delegate With Confidence And Ease”

Module 1

The Proper Mindset Before You Can Start Delegating

This module is the foundation that needs to be in place before you can even start thinking about scaling your business with new team members.

Module 2

How to Find Out Which Tasks You Can Outsource

With a unique system to find out if you should automate or outsource a task and with a list of of tasks you can start to outsource IMMEDIATELY

Module 3

Create Easy Delegating Systems.

How to create your own SYSTEMS so that delegating becomes easy. Without these systems, it will be a burden and very time-consuming to delegate. I’ll show you one of my systems.

Module 4

Hire Your First Person NOW

On which platforms can you find your new team? With tips and tricks on how to use each platform. Criteria you need, to check the CV’s and tips for the actual interview. So, you will ONLY be speaking with the perfect people.

Module 5

Agency or Contractors, Hiring or Employing?

The pros and cons of working with an independent contractor or an agency.
And the pros and cons of employing or outsourcing. And how employing can be a very GOOD idea.

Module 6

The Legal Stuff.

Which legal documents you need and how to NEGOTIATE the contract and the money.

Module 7

Tools You Need, To Make Delegating A Success.

Which tools to use to make delegating, monitoring and communicating with your team SUPER EASY.

Module 8

Continuous Support For Your Team

How to be SUPPORTIVE to your team at all times.

Module 9

Managing More People At The Same Time.

After starting with your first contractor you will want to hire more. How do you manage them and how do you prevent yourself from being OVERWHELMED again?

In addition to the above,
“Delegate With Confidence And Ease” includes

Access To The Exclusive Private Facebook Support Community’

Two-weekly Group Q&A with Tineke & The Delegate With Confidence And Ease Team

“Delegate With Confidence And Ease”
also includes bonuses that will help you

up-level your hiring process tremendously.​

Bonus 1

The Legal Documents

To make sure that you use the right documents. That you know about all the legality which is involved when it comes to outsourcing.

Bonus 2

A list of trusted people to work with

I will give you an overview of all the trusted people I have worked with over the years. It will save you a ton of time during the selection process. The list contains; web developers, designers, social media image creators, PowerPoint presentation creation and the list goes on.

What you’re getting

YOUR INVESTMENT € 5.000 € 2.000, -

*Only 5 Scholarship discount spots available*

“Delegate With Confidence And Ease” Is For:


Students start to outsource long before they finish the course and when looking back, they say: “I wish I’d started doing this much sooner”.

It is very likely you have invested a staggering amount of money into courses and programs to learn more and new skills on how to do all the tasks that need to be done in your business. And there is simply not enough time to do them all the way you want them to do.

And that is exactly what you should change. Stop investing in another training. Start investing in people who do the work for you. You do not have to be the expert. You only have to know the basics. You have to become an expert in delegating tasks to other people who have the various expertise you were trying to manage ALL ON YOUR OWN.

“Delegate With Confidence And Ease” is designed to help you to create your own team of experts who do the work for you. The work you are not good at or do not have the time for.
Students of this training start to outsource immediately after module 4 and find out how exciting it is. Only then can they see the TRUE potential of their business 
and the NEW dimension it is heading for.

“Delegate With Confidence And Ease” is designed to have you hire your first team member within 30 days from now.
And the Facebook group community with action takers just like you will support you and hold you accountable.

ABOUT your trainer

Hi, it is Tineke Rensen here. I Started my first business when I was 25. That was 30 years ago.
I hired the first person to work alongside me when I was 26.
I am a single mother and have 2 daughters. 16 and 19 years.

When I was young, I was a sports fanatic. I studied sports and ended up in 2 national sports teams. Skiing when I was 30 and white water kayaking when I was 35.

I realized that it was a perfect way to make sure I could stop doing all the stuff I disliked or was not good at.
At some point I had a team of 25 people working for me in 4 different locations in the world.

Now I am passionate about helping women to scale and grow their business. I know for a fact that women have great ambitions and visions for their business. It is in their acting that they often behave far too small, because they do too much alone and that is not a scalable business model. And the dream of helping lots of clients, vanishes.

It does not have to be like this. Dare to let go of your control and start creating a team of reliable people who work for you. I still remember how scary it was in the beginning but isn’t that what growing your business is all about? On the other hand, it’s also exciting because it opens so many new possibilities for you.

I truly believe that every woman can scale and grow her business. We owe it to the world. Our services are needed. And not on a small scale but on a very large scale.

I outsource tasks every day. I am constantly looking for ways to systemize my business so that others can do my work. Therefore, I work no more than 5 hours per day.

The system I have created for you is very practical and SIMPLE. With easy tutorials on how to use various online platforms to hire your new team members. I’ve helped other women, just like you to hire their first team member too.

I know we all can hire people. Not having the money to hire cannot be an excuse anymore since I show you how you can hire for as little as 5 USD/hour.

Bottom-line: Delegate With Confidence & Ease, has everything you need to quickly start scaling your business because you stop doing EVERYTHING on your own.

With Confidence And Ease

A powerful and results oriented system to outsource and delegate the work you NEED to stop doing.

What you’re getting

YOUR INVESTMENT € 5.000 € 2.000, -

*Only 5 Scholarship discount spots available*

Look at the result she had

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