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“What is Your Powerful Money Type”?

money power type

Improve all your decisions as
an entrepreneur

When you know what Powerful Money Type you are you know what your strengths and weaknesses are in regard to money. Because of that you make more effective decisions. Je make choices that are close to your nature with money so they will work out a lot better. You will feel better and make more money in an easy way.


Save Time and Money

How many times did you find out that you planned to make money a certain way and in the end it worked out completely different than you had originally planned?

Beside the disappointment it often costs time and money too.

And Time is money

On a next occasion you are probably more cautious. In one way this is good, on the other hand it might prevent you from putting this opportunity in the right perspective.

As an entrepreneur it is sensible to make wise decisions around money. And that is exactly what you’ll learn during this masterclass. This decisions that match with your Powerful Money Type.


Who are you when it comes to money?

One of my mentors used to tell me “How you do Money is How you do Everything”

Money is the water of your business. It should flow in easily and it should go everywhere.

Every business decision you make, in the end it comes down to money That’s why it is so important for you to make the right decisions. And which opportunity in the right perspective.

There are 8 Powerful Money Types. During this training you’ll discover which .type you are. This will give you the insight To make the most powerful money decisions.

The technical side of money is far less important and yet we give it the most attention

In this training we don’t talk about balance sheets, budgeting, monthly targets, calculations and so on.


This training is about you as an entrepreneur. Who are you, what drives you, how do you motivate yourself and most important how do you stop yourself in the process of making money.

When you consider that 90% of all human decisions are made subconsciously, would it then be interesting for you to find out how you are subconsciously programmed with

When you know which Powerful Money Type you are then it is wise to also work on the technical part of the finance in your business. Because your Powerful Money Type secretly influences every business decision you make.

After this training you will make better money decisions with
better financial results. Do you want that for yourself?

Are you curious to find out what your Powerful Money Type is?

These entrepreneurs successfully changed their money strategies

Riccardo de Waal
Boanova Ltd

Because of the Money Power Types training I know so much better where to pay attention to in business. I also know now what actions match with me perfectly and how can exploit those to make more money.

I also found out where to watch for, so I do not step into my subconscious money-traps

My (subconscious) beliefs in regard to money really did not serve me as an entrepreneur.
Actually they hindered me to further expand my international businesses. It was touching for me to find out that I surpassed parts of me from childhood onwards. This clarity was a great gift to me.

Bregtje van Thiels Coovels
VTC Management and Consultancy Firm

Because of the Money Power Types training I know so much better where to pay attention to in business. I also know now what actions match with me perfectly and how can exploit those to make more money.

When you run a business it quite disastrous to find out about this.
With the Powerful Money Types training, I found out where my strength’s lie with money.
My strength lies into the combination of having a large network and my wish to serve everybody.

When I saw how much value I was offering It became much easier for me to ask higher prices.

About Tineke Rensen

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“The best investment in your business is an
investment in yourself. This one will last forever”


Change Your Money Direction During This Training

You will do your Money Power Assessment to begin with. When you found out you can listen to the video’s with the explanation of your Powerful Money Type.

The following exercises are about how to make impact with your Powerful Money Type when you really are connected to them.

You will find out where you can step up in your business. When you hire people you’ll find out where to look for.

There are 13 video’s and also some PDF exercises.

Your investment in this training program is € 347,-

This includes:

  • The Assessment
  • The exercises
  • The Video’s with explanation

To show my gratitude to you when you by this program I will give you a

30 minutes call with me for further explanation
Value of € 250,-

My Ebook: 60 Ways to Restore Your Cash Flow Quick
Value of € 9,99

My Book in PDF “Maximum Business Growth for Women”
Value of € 27,-

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