How to Turn Your Facebook Profile into a Lead-Magnet To Automagically Attract Your Ideal Clients

Create a Consistent Flow of New Leads through Facebook
Smoothly and Easily ✨

Imagine having a stream of new clients constantly… without all that
hard work

You know… without all the hard selling, the cold calling, all those strategies that
take so much of your time and energy⚡ and even lower your vibration.

Wouldn’t it be nice– and soooo much easier­– if potential clients come
to you? 

What if it can be the other way around and you draw your dream

clients to you?

I am sure you would LOVE that!

And I’d LOVE to share with you how you can do that
with just your Facebook profile.

Change the way you operate on Facebook forever.

There’s a reason you’re here right now. It’s not an accident or a

You felt a pull because you are interested in finding leads on Facebook. 

You want a way for your potential clients to find their way to you
easily. No hassle. No uphill battles. No need for you to CONVINCE

I want that for you too.👍

And in all my years of being on Facebook, plus my 30+ years of
business experience, I found the strategy that really, really works.

You may have tried some of your own approaches, or one of the many
out there that promise you can convert leads to potential clients– but
without success.

I know this because you’re here, now, still looking for the right one.

The problem with many of these strategies is that they simply don’t work.  

And none of these strategies will ever work.

Not if you don’t have everything in alignment so that your strategies
can have your desired results.

And not if you don’t have your basics covered.

So here’s your first lesson: 👩‍🏫

No matter what you sell, your Facebook profile
has to be a Lead-Magnet 🧲

Do you recognize this?

  1. You post a lot of valuable content on your Facebook profile or your business page. ✉️ People even like and/or comment. Still nobody reaches out to you?
  2. You are active in groups. You like, and comment and you hope they will see how nice and approachable you are. You might even hope they see how good you are. Still nobody reaches out to you?
  3. You might have lovely inbox conversations with your “friends” on Messenger. Still none of them want to work with you.
  1. You post a lot of valuable content on your Facebook profile or your business page. People
    even like and/or comment. ✉️Yet nobody reaches out to you?

  2. You are active in groups. You like, and comment and you hope they will see how nice you are.
    You might even hope they see how good you are. Yet nobody reaches out to you?

  3. You might have lovely inbox📧 conversations with your “friends” on messenger. Yet none of them
    will want to work with you.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try,
It won’t work if you’re not tuned into the
right approach.

Let me guide you through the first steps of finding a Facebook lead
strategy that will work for you.

Before anything else, you have to have a converting Facebook profile.

If you don’t, all the hard work that you do will make have no meaning.

But don’t worry. They can work, and they WILL work, if you
turn your Facebook profile into a lead-magnet.🧲

Right now, your dream clients ARE checking you out.

You may not be aware of that because Facebook does not show who visits your profile.

But all the time you spend on Facebook DO have results. Right now,
they’re just not the results you had hoped for.

When people go to your profile to check you out, don’t you wish they would:

So why don’t we work on these goals together?

Having a Converting Facebook Profile
Changes Everything

Tineke with cup

I’m Tineke Rensen. Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, international speaker, mom of two teenage daughters, and former sports champion. I have over 30 years of personal business experience.

In the past 10 years I’ve helped thousands of businesswomen to grow their business. I am straightforward, down-to-earth, and spiritual. I just love helping businesswomen to Scale & Grow their businesses.

“How to Turn Your Facebook Profile into a Lead-Magnet🧲, so You
Automagically Attract Your Ideal Clients”

is priceless.

Imagine your ideal clients reaching out to you instead of
you spending hours and hours looking for them.

Think about these for a moment:

If you’d put a price on all these points, it would be
somewhere near:

 1.000,- euro ($1.137-)??
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What you get is a 1-hour hour training video with lots of content about how to turn your Facebook Profile into a Lead Magnet🧲 you’ll only learn here, from me.

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I want you to achieve the success you deserve as soon as possible.

So, instead of [5.000,-??] euro which is the actual value for all this training
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So don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Don’t waste this opportunity knocking
on your door right now.

Here are the highlights: 💡

Guarantee no bg

     And here’s another clincher. I sincerely want you to succeed in business, and together we can make it happen. But in the unlikely chance that within 15 days you find out that you’ve learned nothing from this training, I’ll gladly refund you. No hassle, no convincing, all you have to do is email me.


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You will get access to the materials of this course straight away.

Don't wait!

Choose to ATTRACT clients easily and effortlessly.

How to get new leads is a question you don’t need to ask anymore after you’ve
implemented all the steps to create a converting Facebook Profile

There is nothing left to say other than:
“I wish you all the best with scaling and growing your business“.
And if I can be any part of that, you can start with checking me out and buy this training.

You can call, email or send a direct message for a response.

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