Some extraordinary results of Tineke's clients

I doubled my business last year and hoping to do so this year again.

Marloes de Ruiter


Marloes helps wholesale companies to automate and digitize their business

I quadrupled my business in 6 month's

Jennifer Delano

Delano PR

Jennifer helps IT businesses to get free publicity with guaranteed 3-5 publications after every press release.

She is always there for me

Nancy Michailidou


She and her sister own the family business which sells orthopediatric instruments for disabled people. They have 2 locations in Greece and have 12 staff members.

Our businesses grew a lot within one year

Karin and Jaap

Bed and Breakfast Louise Hoeve

They have 3 businesses in the Netherlands: a meeting location, a training bureau and a B&B

Jacqulien van der Lem

Tineke Could always shed a different light on a case

Her business sells machines that clean the air in industrial working environments.
I met Tineke during a trade mission for female entrepreneurs abroad. I quickly realized that she was very experienced. I decided to work with her on my entrepreneurial skills. In the beginning, we looked at a lot of my communication in advertisements, folders, and website. We also took the financial side apart; understanding what they mean and working on a budget. I had to make an important decision regarding my workforce, I could always rely on Tineke. During the process, I noticed especially how much I liked the weekly phone session because it kept me much sharper.

The focus of my business has shifted more to large customers, which makes sales easier
Tineke was always able to shed a different light on the case, or she came up with a creative angle from her own experience as an entrepreneur. During the process, something came up that would become one of the most important decisions for me as an entrepreneur. It was a challenging and complicated process. I was very happy that I could also take Tineke’s perspective into account. She constantly reminded me that I should think more about myself when entering into partnerships and contracts.

Lissa Agema
Focus on Profits

I took Big steps with my company

Lissa has a bookkeeping company and she wanted to expand a lot bigger.

Yesterday I had my last meeting with my Business mentor Tineke Rensen. I have learned so much from Tineke in a very short time. Because of Tineke I suddenly took big steps with my company. The effects of this will pass in the coming months.Some steps are, our own office building, a new website, hiring staff, even more, focus on a separate part of my business called Focus on Profit. 
Tineke, thank you for this and your intensive guidance! I can really recommend anyone who wants to take steps as an entrepreneur but also with his or her company to work with Tineke Rensen!

Tineke in ‘a nutshell’: Sober, honest, confrontational (that’s really necessary), and she knows everything about entrepreneurship and what comes next.

Claudia Alberda

I wanted to show up in a much bigger way

She organises events, meetings and incentives for companies and organisations.
I met Tineke during a lecture she gave for our business club. I felt attracted to her knowledge. I also felt a click, I felt understood and it was time for me to grow, time for the boost I wanted, time to show up in a much bigger way My company is called C-vents. It surprises its client and target group in a creative way and creates opportunities and thereby realizes growth with organizing events.

The mentoring project that I did with Tineke was fair and based on positive energy. I can now create appropriate goals that suit me and my company.

I also learned a lot about money types and why I do things the way I do them and that it is good. I have been able to make structures and systems in my company, so I now work much smarter.

I also learned a lot about manifesting and the universe as an entrepreneur. The latter I found the most important thing.

Marit Elders
Event Safety Academy

She Helpend me to find solutions for all kinds of Business Challenges

Tineke Rensen was able to listen and to understand my struggles as an entrepreneur. She helped me to find the best solutions for all kind of business challenges. Whether it has to do with my mindset, hiring my first employee or just some technical basic stuff. I really appreciated her attendance during my important steps to let my business grow. Thank you!

Sally Solaymantash
Owner: SAM Ltd. (Technology start-up)

I could not get my message across and that frustrated me

When I started working with Tineke, I was not sure whether to continue with my business.
I could not get my message across and that frustrated me. My self-confidence dropped a lot over time because of that.

Tineke immediately understood my message and we worked on getting it across with various other people. We created a strategy on LinkedIn to expand my connections. We worked on my speaker profile, my pitch-deck, my start-up team and so much more.

I now get my message across I feel confident and my communication approach is bolder than it was before.

Saskia Kloezeman
North-South Consulting in South Afrika

I immediately took a number of keen decisions

Her husband has a travel agency.
I immediately took a number of keen and necessary decisions after talking to Tineke for only one hour, and that created airspace. That has opened doors for new things … and I now do more things that I really love to do.

I also took Tineke’s advice on more questions to heart …. difficult … and I noticed that her tips really helped me. I asked the question to a potential customer when “expensive” was said … but what do you find expensive …. well …. there was no answer
That works …. wow!!
I now have more time to assist my husband with his business and that is more fun than I thought 😉

Marianne Mulder
MCM ltd

I now am more on the dashboard of my business

They are an expert on clean soil. For example for big building projects.

I am a business owner for 5 years and employ 5 people. I wanted to grow my personal entrepreneurial skills. I also thought it would be a good idea to speak on a frequent base with an expert who has only one goal and that is helping me to accelerate my business. In my view, every business owner should be aware of the fact that that are some many things that you don’t know and what you cannot see form yourself.

Tineke has shown me that I should be more at the dashboard of my business. We divided my company into product chapters. 
With this, it became a lot easier for me to maintain control throughout every process in my business. And when problems might occur I can anticipate early so things don’t escalate. This is so much more relaxed.
I am now on top of my finances. I have an overview every week and not only at the end of the year. We are doing very well financially.
I can also know now when I need work IN my company and when I need to work ON my company.
Various processes in my business are standardized now, which saves me time and money and I tackled some time-consuming issues with some of my employees.
It took me some time, but I feel like a much better entrepreneur now.

Marleen de Korver
Webdesign business

I have more structure in my work

She also teaches businesswomen how they can keep their own website up to date themselves.
Because I am chaotic, I was immediately attracted to Tineke’s business-wise and structured approach.
After 20 years of business experience, I decided I needed help with this issue.
The other obstacle I faced is that I did not take enough action. So, I did not use the full potential of my business knowledge, which sometimes made me feel unhappy about myself.
Now I have developed my own online training programs, which finally transformed my business from being a website developer into a real business.

I have more structure in my work. I plan all my marketing activities in advance.

I know a lot better now who my target audience and I is am a lot less perfectionistic. Good is good enough. And because of this I take more action and have more results.

Hans Hoytink
Kiki Album

I could scale up very quickly

A Kiki Album is a printed photo album of people’s digital photo’s
In a very short period of time, my single business changed in a company with a team of enthusiastic team members around me.
The technical online challenges that I faced to develop my photo-album platform were not new to Tineke. She understood completely where in the process I was and which step I needed to take next.
And she was capable of helping me with various other parts of my business which made it possible to scale up quickly.

Tineke is a very down to earth and sometimes confronting sparring partner.

I noticed continuously how much business experience of her own she has. And that’s why none of my questions remained unanswered.
She continuously stimulated me to think bigger and was a stick behind my door when I needed it

Bas Witvliet
Witvliet Meubelen

I found it very helpful to talk to such an experienced entrepreneur

He has a furniture factory and wanted to expand.

I met Tineke at a presentation she gave at my network club. With my company, I make custom furniture for indoor and outdoor. For companies and individuals, in our own factory.

Because I wanted the company to grow exponentially in the coming years and that I still did not succeed enough, I decided to work with Tineke. I found it very helpful and nice to be able to talk with an experienced entrepreneur.

I started thinking and acting differently. For example, I now have more focus on things that are important within the company.
Things that the staff can do, I delegate much easier now. The most important thing, however, that I learned is that I can rely on my gut feeling when making decisions. I now also have more balance between work and private life Tineke meets appointments, she is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who can enthuse you for better entrepreneurship.

Martin Hendriks
Magic Captial

Tineke has so much in-depth knowledge

They help business owners to invest and grow their capital.
It seems that all self-employed entrepreneurs are a coach of some sort nowadays. So, it can become quite difficult to pick out the best. With Tineke, I knew straight away that she was very good. She distinct herself very clearly in her broad perspective of entrepreneurship. She has so much in-depth knowledge because she ran her own international business for 27 years before she became the CEO of Powerful Business Academy. She did not rest before we reached our coaching goals. Her female touch was quite an experience for me as a man. Not only acting out of solutions, but also from the heart.
Because of this, I made some huge emotional shifts. The result was that the success followed immediately after this. Before I worked with Tineke most of the actions I took did not have the results I hoped for. Now they do, and I am enjoying it a lot more.

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