Proud to be featured alongside Michelle Obama in Ishkama Global Change

Tineke explains how businesswomen need to operate from masculine AND feminine skills and energy to Scale & Grow their businesses.


27th September 2022

Tineke gave a presentation + Q & A at the CEED kick-off program for businesswomen in Slovenia.


28th September 2021

An interview with Tineke Rensen on Great Companies about business.





6th of October 2020

An Interview with Tineke Rensen on Cyprus radio. About how, as a former sports champion she is now a role model in business for other women.






31th of August 2020

Article in Authority Magazine about Tineke Rensen, Succesful sportswoman, succesful businesswoman.



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12th of June 2020

Article in High Profile Magazine about the parallels between professional sports and business










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20th of September

What Business Women Want. Column by Tineke Rensen.
The difference between working hard and working smart.







Column: What Business Women Want

7th of August 2019

We are the City interview with Tineke Rensen the Founder of the Powerful Business Women’s Club



28th of June


Tineke Rensen the founder of the Powerful Business Women’s Club and the Powerful Business Academy receives the international Wintrade award in the Category Women In business Networking.



Read the press release of the award here

26th of June 2020

Read Tineke’s article about her white water expedition to the Colorado River and how she moved on in business, serving business women on how to “Scale & Grow, Make More Impact AND Work Less”








Read the PDF: A life’s story

16th of March

Tineke’s Column is published in Sovereign Magazine. “Why business Women get less funding than men”?







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28th of January 2019

An article about the Network Powerful Business Women’s Network, another business of PBA’s founder Tineke Rensen



tineke-network-final Sovereign


28th of January 2019


Coverstory article in Sovereign Magazine about Tineke Rensen the Owner of Powerful Business Academy. About her life, why she started her business, how she became the national champion and many more things to know about this remarkable woman.





tineke-story-final sovereign


4th of January 2019

Tineke will be featured in Sovereign Magazine. It is a high-end executive and business leaders, magazine. In this special edition: Powerful Business Women’s Network, she will be featured with the cover story, and also an article about her network. All the other stories are from women from Tineke’s network. to be released soon





19th of December 2018

In the magazine diversity, an article of Tineke Rensen was posted about how women can be successful in business.

14th of December 2018

Tineke was asked to show her perspective for the readers of the Wealth & Finance Magazine on what is better in business. Doing business the masculine way or the feminine way?




W&F Issue 12 2018 Tineke Rensen updated-1

10th of December 2018

Tineke Rensen gets her own column in the Sovereign Magazine. A magazine for high-end business owners and executives




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4th of July

Send out a Press release about the launch of my book at the 6th of July
Press Release Maximum Business Growth


12th of June

Interview with Tineke Rensen, the author of the book Maximum Business Growth for Women

Watch the interview


21st of May

An article about the author in the magazine Quantum of Light. “Are you good enough?”

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April 2018

Read the article about the author about what women need to know to grow their business the feminine way. Featured in Business Fit Magazine.

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May 2017

Article about the author of Maximum Business Growth for Women, featured in Global Woman Magazine




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