How many hours do you work in your business?
I know for a fact that most women spend a lot more hours than they want.
Is this you? 
Most likely 😞

And are many of these hours NOT PROFITABLE for you?

It should not have to be this way!

Ideally, you would ONLY be working those hours that convert into money.

What is the result of working too many hours, for you?

And what do most coaches advice you to do?


This is not the right advice‼️

It has you trying to deal with a SYMPTOM.

Not Being Able To Scale & Grow Your Business.

130 automation book

Working harder is the WORST method to Scale & Grow your business.

So is LEARNING to accept that you are too busy. And so is to LEARN how to structure your BUSY SCHEDULE with time management.

AND at some point, there are no more hours in the day.

So, what is THE way to Scale & Grow Your business?

There are 3 simple methods to Scale & Grow your business.

  1. Increase your sales.
  2. Start to delegate tasks to other people.
  3. Automate repetitive and simple tasks.

Automate Repetitive and simple actions is the EASIEST way to start.
Have tools and platforms do the work for you.

Many of these tools are free, or they are free to try for a while.
And most often they have very cheap entry levels.

I have been automating my business from the start.

My Powerful Business Academy started 10 years ago.
It is where I coach, train and mentor businesswomen.
Women who seriously want to Scale & Grow their business.

I help my clients with my 30 years of experience in scaling and growing my own businesses.

It always involves the 3 ingredients: Sales, Delegation, Automation.

All the tools I have used to automate my business
I am now sharing with you.


130 Tools To Automate Your Business, eBook

To save you lots of time and money.

You can download the eBook here.

You might think,

Who says it is difficult?

I am using the tools.
I was not a tech woman. I delegated everything to my team
before I started my Powerful Business Academy,
which was a one-woman business in the beginning.

If I can do it….

You can too‼️

All these tools have tutorials, helpdesks, and are easy to use or implement.


Over 1000 other businesswomen have already downloaded this Ebook.

Download the eBook here

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