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About Tineke Rensen

Tineke was the only female entrepreneur in her industry since 1990. (Outdoor and Survival) Therefore, she learned to do business the masculine way. It is a successful way. She also became the national champion in kayaking. When she encountered women...

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Blueprint for a succesfull

The blueprint has 8 major area’s where business-owners should constantly work on with their business

This is THE businessmodel that every business owner should know and master if you are serious about your business.


  • You will set up systems which makes the business easier to manage and control.
  • Your business instinct and intuition will grow.
  • The DNA of your business will be key to all your decisions.
  • You have insight and know how to manage the money part of your business.
  • You will get more ideal clients. (You know the ones that are always happy with your service)
  • Your team is very happy to work for you and your company
  • You’ll get a lot of energy and creative ideas
  • You’ll learn to do business the feminine way
  • You have a better focus
  • ou have clear goals for this year and the next 5 years to come.
  • Everywhere you go, people know who you are.

Tineke is the author of the international book Maximum Business Growth for Women

8 Secrets From a National Champion to Accelerate your Business

Learn all the skills that women need, to help grow their business the feminine way.

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Tineke is co-author of the international bestseller Transformation Lessons

38 Insights to Manifest Your Best Life.

Lessons for everybody whether it is in your private life or your business

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