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Why do many businesses of women stay small?

Why do many women choose to stay on their own instead of building a business?

When I started my first business back in 1990 it was normal to build a business. You did not start a business with the intention to stay solo. Nowadays that is completely different. Many women have a solo business. Is this you, great?

Is this a deliberate choice of yours? Not so great, because in that case, I can’t help you. If staying small is not what you had in mind when you started but somehow you cannot seem to scale & grow your business?

Pay attention. I am here to help you with the right strategies, systems and support to double your business in a year. The past 10 years that is what I’ve been doing.

Helping women to accelerate from doing everything alone to building a business, where you have a team, automation, and strategies in place. Where your business thrives, you are in control and making the money and impact you’ve always dreamed of.

A Women's Blueprint For Business Success

The blueprint has 8 major area’s where business-owners should constantly work on with their business


Are you programmed for success? Sometimes, people think that this is not the most important part to begin when we want to reach our goals. When you are fully aligned with your goals, success comes in no time.


What are your mission and vision? What is the DNA of your company? Financial planning, Goal setting, Year planning. Target setting. Without a plan, the destination can take much longer and, you might never get there!


How to distinguish yourself from your competitors? Who are your ideal clients? Pricing and re-branding.

Clever tools

Use of clever tools and automation. Online marketing and use of bots to simplify your processes and free up time for you!


Delegating tasks is challenging. Also, when you need a new member on your team. Do you work with the right ones? Build a team and have them work in sync with YOUR mission.

Acceleration Power

This is the phrase where it all comes to together. Are the foundations in your business ready for massive growth? We help you build tailored systems and structures for your business and, the rate of change brings insane results for you.

Flow & Ease

How to take care of your energy. Since that determines if you can work with flow & ease and attract success and more opportunities.

Help & Support

Which structures do you have in place for help when you need it? Buddy, coach, mentor, mastermind group.

Do you have any of them currently in place at your business? No problem, we got you

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Here are the results you can expect for you and your business when you start working with me personally.

Double your income in a year.
Transfer from overwhelm to structure and targets.
Create the business you desire instead of staying solo.
Have systems in place everywhere.
Focus on a few good products and shrives and skip the rest.
Have lots of good-paying clients who can afford your service.
Have a team of people working for you.
A financially healthy business.
Someone who you can rely on and has your back.

  • You will set up systems which makes the business easier to manage and control.
  • Your business instinct and intuition will grow.
  • The DNA of your business will be key to all your decisions.
  • You have insight and know how to manage the money part of your business.
  • You will get more ideal clients. (You know the ones that are always happy with your service)
  • Your team is very happy to work for you and your company
  • You’ll get a lot of energy and creative ideas
  • You’ll learn to do business the feminine way
  • You have a better focus
  • You have clear goals for this year and the next 5 years to come.
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    Every week I reward some women with a 15-minute free coaching call, to help you to create the business of your dreams.

    This call can be for you when you are an

    • action-taker
    • no-nonsense woman
    • no-excuse maker
    • coachable

    This call is definitely not for you, when you: are not longing to scale & grow your business

    Click on this button to go to schedule the call. You will have to answer some questions, they are a test for you and for me to find out where you are with your business.

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    Want to find out more and get to know me first?

    After so many years in business, I had to write a book.

    Maximum Business Growth for Women
    8 Secrets From a National Champion to Accelerate Your Business

    A practical no-nonsense business book, with all the areas of the Blueprint.

    If you only implement 2 or 3 of the many tips, it has been worth your time.

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