I met Tineke during a trade mission for female entrepreneurs abroad. I quickly realized that she was very experienced. I decided to work with her on my entrepreneurial skills. In the beginning we looked at a lot of my communication in advertisements, folders, and website. We also took the financial side apart; understanding what they mean and working on a budget. I had to make an important decision regarding my workforce, I could always rely on Tineke. During the process, I noticed especially how much I liked the weekly phone session because it kept me much sharper.

The focus of my business has shifted more to large customers, which makes sales easier
Tineke was always able to shed a different light on the case, or she came up with a creative angle from her own experience as an entrepreneur. During the process, something came up that would become one of the most important decisions for me as an entrepreneur. It was a challenging and complicated process. I was very happy that I could also take Tineke’s perspective into account. She constantly reminded me that I should think more about myself when entering into partnerships and contracts.

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