I am a business owner for 5 years and employ 5 people. I wanted to grow my personal entrepreneurial skills. I also thought it would be a good idea to speak on a frequent base with an expert who has only one goal and that is helping me to accelerate my business. In my view every business owner should be aware of the fact that that are some many things that you don’t know and what you cannot see form yourself.

Tineke has shown me that I should be more at the dashboard of my business. We divided my company in product chapters. With this it became a lot easier for me to maintain control throughout every process in my business. And when problems might occur I can anticipate early so things don’t escalate. This is so much more relaxed.

I am now on top of my finances. I have an overview every week and not only at the end of the year. We are doing very well financially.
I can also know now when I need work IN my company and when I need to work ON my company.
Various processes in my business are standardized now, which saves me time and money and I tackled some time-consuming issues with some of my employees.
It took me some time, but I feel like a much better entrepreneur now.

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