I met Tineke at a presentation she gave at my network club. With my company, I make custom furniture for indoor and outdoor. For companies and individuals, in our own factory.

Because I wanted the company to grow exponentially in the coming years and that I still did not succeed enough, I decided to work with Tineke. I found it very helpful and nice to be able to talk with an experienced entrepreneur. I started thinking and acting differently. For example, I now have more focus on things that are important within the company. Things that the staff can do, I delegate much easier now. The most important thing, however, that I learned is that I can rely on my gut feeling when making decisions. I now also have more balance between work and private life Tineke meets appointments, she is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who can enthuse you for better entrepreneurship

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Vosmaerstraat 37, 2651 AX, Berkel en Rodenrijs, Netherlands