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Are you too busy to work on your business?

Are you too busy to work on your business?

Are you too busy to work on your business?

Believe me, initially, every businesswoman had issues with finding the time to work ON her business.

Omitting the appointments, emails, social media and people you work with, also require attention.

And very often then the people from your private life that you would like to spend a lot of time together will get rid of it and that does not feel right.

Just as it does not feel good that you feel that you are not ahead with your business because your to-do list will only get longer.

And when I’m very honest about it, it happens to me too. It is too easy to give all the issues around you in the day-to-day worries. And for businesswoman that is even more difficult than for men, because men can usually focus better.

Not doing enough with the future of your company or making sure that your business is running so that doing business becomes easier and easy to solve. But because entrepreneurs do not make choices about this or do not know how to deal with this, they just keep going the old way.

Two things play an important role in this.

Your feeling and practice.

And what time is meaningful time.

Your feeling and practice

It does not feel right if you do not work on your business. It does not feel right if you are always too busy.

It does not feel right if you think you are not moving forward.

But where do you set the criteria for whether it goes well or not. Is that your feeling or is that reality.

For example, if I look at last month, I felt that it would not be a good month. That’s why I always felt slightly less good. When I came up with the end of the month; is this really true?

Then I started to count. And what turned out to be financially a good month.

I had also spoken to many customers that I could have helped ahead.

A successful trajectory with a loyal customer.

I also gave 3 workshops on all kinds of themes of entrepreneurship.

I had many successful meetings in Switzerland where I found several sponsors for my business network group there.

What then made me feel like it was going bad?

Because after my idea, I did not have enough time to do everything that I wanted to do.

What a bad indicator is that when it comes to how your company is going.

What time is meaningful time for a businesswoman.

Still freeing up the time to work on your company because it will also deliver  time.

Every time I do something, I ask myself, do I do this once or do I have to do this more often?

If I have to do it more often, I spend extra time on it and make it a process.

As a businesswoman I think I’ll outsource it next time. If this is the case, I also work that out for the person who takes over. Then next time it is very easy to outsource it because otherwise you will quickly do it yourself in between.

If I do it the next time myself, I have a checklist, templates or templates ready for myself which makes me go faster this time and it will be a routine job.

Can you consider how effective this can be if you have a larger company?

It really pays the time to work on your company. If you do this systematically and make a sport of how you can make it as simple as possible for you and the people you work with, you will see how much more you can do in a year and how much further your company is.

My customers Karin and Jaap also did this. They have always started to apply systems, work more systematically so that they can scale up much more easily and now get more done.


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