Are you struggling to convert your leads into paying clients as a female entrepreneur?

Do you maybe have a lot of inquiries but no buyers? Do your conversations with potential clients stop when you give them your price? If you’re one of these women, read on as I’ll be sharing some tips and strategies you can use to turn your prospects into paying customers.


Before anything else, I must say again that converting leads is just one of the many areas you should work on when you’re trying to scale and grow your business. Before this area makes a significant difference, you must first have a consistent flow of leads coming in, which will not be possible if you don’t have a big enough audience, or if you don’t know how to target them. So a holistic approach to your business is a must.

We work with “The women’s Blueprint for business Success” which are 9 areas in business you always need to work on. Today we talk about the topic of sales. And specifically, about converting.

blueprint for women

With that out there, here are 10 tips to convert your leads into paying clients:


1. Start an inbox conversation with potential clients

Don’t just post content on your social media and then wait for potential clients to reach out. The algorithm of most social media channels has gotten more and more complicated, and getting your products or services seen has also become more and more difficult. So, initiate the conversation. Send direct messages to your target clients with an introduction or a call to action.


2. Send InMail messages on LinkedIn

In my many years as business coach for female entrepreneurs, I’ve found LinkedIn to be the best platform for generating B2B leads. With over 700 million users, it’s a great way to connect with peers and potentials clients alike. If you have a premium LinkedIn account (which I encourage you to get), you can send custom private messages to people beyond your network which is called InMail. Use this feature to connect with your target audience and start a conversation.

Convert Leads into Paying Clients


3. Don’t immediately give out your price

Do you have high-ticket items? Don’t let the price tag intimidate your potential clients without even getting to know the product or service itself. What you have to offer should be in the forefront, not how much it costs. Besides, it’s a good way to start a conversation with people and get to know them once they reach out to you.


4. Have the right positioning for your products or services

Are you asking the right price for the kind of offer you have? If your product or service isn’t good enough for the price you’re asking, you’ll find it hard to find people who will be willing to spend on that. On the other hand, if you’re asking too low a price, people might get suspicious or assume right away that it’s low-quality. Have the right positioning and pricing strategy when you’re trying to convince potential clients to buy from you.


5. Show how committed you are

By this, I don’t mean how committed you are to sell to them. Let your clients know that you are committed to their success. You can do this by telling them clearly what your methods are and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Convert Leads into Paying Clients


6. Don’t ask them to pay everything upfront

Another way to show your clients how committed you are is by not asking them to pay everything upfront. This shows them that you are willing to invest in the working relationship. And that you’re not just in it for the money. This is not to say, though, that you’re willing to work without payment. Ask for a down payment or work out a payment plan.


7. Let potential clients know what’s in it for them

Often when potential clients are hesitant to buy, they are not engaged enough yet. They can’t see yet what working with you will bring to them. Have a discussion with them and let them know what the benefits are of being in business with you.


8. Ask them why they are in doubt

“What’s in the way?” If clients are in doubt, ask them what’s holding them back from making a decision. Learn what’s going on in their minds. Find out what their objections are. This way, you can understand them better and you can start addressing their concerns.

Convert Leads into Paying Clients


9. Address their objections

Once you learn what your client’s objections are, you can deal with them. Give them more information about your product or service. Let them ask questions and give precise answers. One tip that really works for me is, when clients say that my fee is too expensive, I ask them, “Compared to what?” This helps give them perspective and clear out misguided assumptions.


10. Renew the conversation 

If inbox conversations stop, don’t hesitate to restart them. Often, people get sidetracked and get caught up in their daily routines, which doesn’t always mean that they are not interested in your products or services. Start a genuine conversation. Then eventually give them a reminder of what your previous discussion was.


Summing it up

The key to converting leads into clients is this: have an open conversation. Don’t just rely on advertising or posting content, you need other strategies too. And while you’re working on this, don’t forget to work on other equally important areas of your business too. Other areas such as finding the right clients, growing your audience, generating leads––these among many others are interrelated when you’re trying to scale and grow your business. If all this seems too much for you to handle, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a business coach for female entrepreneurs. You can also schedule a quick 15-minute call with me to see if I can help you.



Learn more 

My name is Tineke Rensen and I am a business coach for women. I created the system “A Women’s Blueprint for Business Success,” where I work with female entrepreneurs in 9 major areas in their business.

There are many out there who call themselves “business coaches” but have never had their own business. What you need is a business coach who has experience in scaling and growing businesses. And I’ve had plenty. In my 31 years of experience, I’ve become an expert on many areas, and I can help you with whatever topic you need help with. Because it NEVER is about changing just one thing that’ll pivot your business around

If you want to learn more about what makes a good business coach for women, check out this article about the 20 questions you should ask a business coach for female entrepreneurs.

Interested to learn how you can work with me one-on-one to build your one-woman gig to a proper business and double your income within a year? Click here now to schedule a quick 15-minute call with me and get started.


About the author:

Tineke Rensen

Tineke Rensen of Powerful Business Academy has been in business for 31 years. She built an international Outdoor and Survival business from scratch and sold it after 22 years.

Tineke was also a national whitewater kayaking champion.

She now is one of the most all-round business accelerators and mentors you can find. She helps businesswomen to “Scale & Grow, Make More Impact And Work Less.” There are very few topics she cannot help you with in your business. Many people find this hard to believe, but hey, how much do you think you know about scaling businesses if you live it day and night for 31 years?

Tineke created the system “A Women’s Blueprint To Business Success.” She is a multi-awarded serial entrepreneur and is the author of the book “Maximum Business Growth For Women.



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